Prediction: Franken Will Un-Resign If Roy Moore Wins

If you’ve exposed yourself to Senator Franken, absent personal protection, you’ve discovered he is, in his essence, a nasty piece of work. Yesterday’s non apology, apology still claiming innocence and not so subtly denigrating his accusers is evidence of where his nasty, narcissistic core is.

If you’ve watched his performance at Congressional hearings you have further evidence of the nastiness that is Senator Franken; where the pursuit of information is overtaken by the mission to damage political foes and facts don’t matter, no, no, not at all.
So why promise to “resign in the coming weeks?” Especially in the context that Franken clearly feels he’s been unfairly made the martyr; a perception that may have some validity. What will be different in the “coming weeks?” It’s not as if the absence of his vote will affect the minority standing of Democrats in the Senate. 48, 47 it’s still a minority.

Here’s the prediction. Judge Moore will be elected and Franken will un-resign if Moore is seated in the Senate.

Franken will rely on making the case that that Moore’s alleged behavior is far worse than his and if Moore is appropriate for the Senate then so is he. Franken has learned this week that his Senatorial colleagues care nothing for Franken the individual. Not when there is a chance to eliminate him in a safe seat and therefore be positioned to take the sexual misconduct moral high ground vis a vis Moore and President Trump. Franken is nothing more to Senate Democrats than the foil they will use to batter Republicans over Judge Moore despite the fact that his primary accuser has admitted to the fraudulent Yearbook scam. Franken is also learning that a wide spectrum of folks from Mika to Newt think there is something amiss here and that due process should be in place. Hey, when Newt’s got your back maybe you should go for it! Franken and the Democrats have already served as prosecutor, judge and jury in regards to Judge Moore; no due process there either. The Democrats have danced that same tap dance on Franken. In his addled mind he squares things by un-resigning.

So Franken can go quietly into that political good night and actually resign or he can un-resign and become the single most significant political pariah in recent memory.

If there is any justice from the 30,000 foot view it would be that Franken has nothing left but bad choices.