Deep State No Longer A Buried Secret

The permanent bureaucracy and the “Deep State” are getting a lot of attention these days. Americans are getting an ever broader view of just how deep, deep is. If you’re a member of the entrenched bureaucracy and/or a deep state operative (they come in all manner of disguise) you probably think all of this attention is bad for business; you would be correct! We now know a bit about the breadth of your unelected influence and the corruption that it engenders. Oh my, not quite so deep anymore are we?

We will, thanks to recent revelations, listen a bit more closely to conspiracy theories because well, it looks like conspiracy is the order of the day for the deep state and the establishment it supports. We will question the supposition of facts with more skepticism. We will cast a jaundiced eye at what the deep state would like to maintain is “normal.” “No, no look over here,” says the deep state; “not this time,” we reply.

Critically we will begin to put the pieces together and see the effort against President Trump for the coup attempt that it is, and see Trump as the threat that he is to the deep state.

The recent revelations about senior FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok are the latest and perhaps the most telling example of how the deep state conspiracy works. Strzok ran the Hillary e-mail investigation, signed the order to enable the Trump/Russia collusion investigation, changed the wording in Comey’s statement to the press regarding Hillary’s e-mail server, conducted the interview of Hillary where no transcription was taken, as well as Cheryl Mills, who should have also been under investigation but was allowed to adopt the role of Hillary’s lawyer during the interview. On the other hand General Flynn was bushwhacked just days after the inauguration. That seems like deep, multifaceted involvements all of which appear aimed at supporting Hillary and destroying Trump.

The current DOJ appears to be on board with compliance to the wishes of the deep state.

Why no reopening of the Hillary investigation, why is Uranium One Rosenstein still there, how is it that the Sessions’ DOJ/FBI is on the verge of being held in contempt of congress based on stonewalling critical information requested by congressional oversight committees? It’s not what we expected of General Sessions. Logical explanations don’t seem to stick; it’s a head shaker, unless you buy into a deep state conspiracy. When conspiracy begins to be the only explanation that makes sense we are in a bad place as a nation.

It may just be that those crazy Mountain Men sitting around complaining about the “guvment” might have been a lot closer to the truth than we cared to admit.

Trump’s election represented a variety of identifiable dynamics; however it also represented an instinct about where the country was and had been for some part of the past eight years. It was an instinct that said to the establishment that it was time to halt the swing of the pendulum and send it back the other way. Before Trump the “other direction” nearly always meant a 3rd party effort doomed to failure by the will of both political parties and the system they put in place to ensure they would only have to fight with each other. This time we got Trump and Bernie; wow, that’s going to leave a mark.

Trump may not have made a conscious calculus that he wasn’t so much running against all of those Republicans as he was against the system they had all pledged allegiance to. People who didn’t vote regularly had an instinct that it didn’t matter, that the parties we’re more the same than they were different and the grand ballet was a ruse to maintain power. Again, there was an instinct there that existed regardless of where you fell on the demographic scale. When you are left with the impression that the parties are first and foremost about the party with the good of the country second, it’s easy to descend into apathy, which many had done. But they woke and said stop!

The deep state was having none of it. Susan Rice set up the release and declassification of previously secret information, unmasking of U.S. individuals caught up in NSA surveillance occurred at a pace previously unseen, Congress slow-walked hundreds of nominations allowing a wide variety of Obama people to either stay in positions or opt to make their status permanent. The Russian collusion meme was set in motion, General Flynn fell as its first victim and the Trump administration was caught up in a legal morass from day one. James Clapper lied to anyone willing to hear it. Leaks that should not have been possible existed on a daily basis. The Dossier became a hot button topic although no one believed it to be a substantially viable document including the main stream media; that tells you something.

The bottom line is that we are witnessing a slow motion coup d’etat courtesy of the deep state. We, at this point, can only wonder if the President can marshal the force necessary to thwart it’s goals and desires. The deep state might want to consider the potential weight of a broad uprising against such unaccountable power. After all, we did elect Trump.