Bill Clinton Had Three Decades Of Liberal Denial

Liberals now seem open to the idea of subjecting the Clintons to a thousand cuts. Those engaged in “reevaluation” of Bill Clinton’s behaviors with women, and Hillary’s war against the accusers, are indicting themselves, making a clear demonstration as to the incredible degree of flexibility inherent in their application of a moral standard, or perhaps more accurately described as a double standard. The selfsame individuals who were willing to justify nearly anything when it came to the Clintons have now seen the light. That light shines only as a means to guide them to the application of that moral flexibility to their opponents and as a vehicle to get the Clinton’s the hell off the stage before it gets any worse. The Clintons will not leave the stage voluntarily; it may take a more recent set of crimes for that to take place.

There are no new facts here. It is the same fact set that existed 20 – 25 – 30 years ago. You may recall the need for a team of people on the Clinton campaign dedicated to handling the “Bimbo Eruptions” by intimidation or, if necessary, ruination of anyone who dared to come forward about Bill Clinton. Interestingly the Bimbo Eruption team was run by a woman.

The media, elected officials, liberal commentators, and the Clintonistas knew then what they know now about Bill and Hill’s behaviors. Perhaps this is the benchmark we should get used to; the gestation period for liberal guilt is 20 – 25 years. That’s quite the political Ponzi scheme. By that measure I’ll be dead by the time they get around to Al Franken.

Mark Steyn, as he nearly always does, makes a salient, durable point; that Clinton 25 years ago delivered the message, carried by the media that “character doesn’t count.” Steyn insisted that the handling of Clinton back in the day by the political establishment and the media was a permission slip for the likes of Al Franken and John Conyers, and who knows how many others along the 25 year journey to engagement of the truth.