Democrats Acknowledge Bill Clinton To Attack Conservatives

The N.Y. Times, the MSM and liberal bloggers admit that “they may have gotten it wrong about Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct.” Welcome to the party, you’re 20-30 years late. You’ve also managed to wait long enough to morally eviscerate the potential impact of your newly discovered “insights”. And, by the way, it’s still happening, Bill hasn’t changed. 

But it’s not about Bill. It’s about politicians and media types not being seen as hypocrites, good luck with that! 20 -30 years of hypocrisy will be washed away by your newly discovered moral center? Your hypocrisy is as well aged as Bill’s horrific behaviors and that of his accuser-destroying “wife” Hillary. At the time, as some of a certain age may remember, the Democrat political structure and the media disabused us of the idea that it was important to focus on Bill’s transgressions; the themes of the campaign repeated hourly for months; “it’s only sex” and “everyone lies about sex.” That may be true but that justification should not cover rape; rape is not about sex it’s about power, and fulfilling a deviant self-image.

Let us also not forget the Lolita Express and Jeffrey Epstein; a convicted pedophile. Bill flew on the Lolita Express eleven times. Also a favorite guest of Mr. Epstein was Kevin Spacey. Nuff said? Those reports are not 20 or 30 years old, four or five cover it.

Oh, not to worry said many, you know there are two Bills; Saturday night Bill and Sunday morning Bill. Sunday morning Bill always regretted Saturday night Bill and prayed for redemption. That’s an awful lot of repetitive prayer.

This is not about Bill, It’s about being able to go after Conservatives, it’s about ascending to the moral high ground as “accusers” are recruited and paid. It’s about being able to go after Judge Moore without the tinge of hypocrisy. Good luck with that. It’s about being able to maintain moral high ground with millennials and the Pussy Hat crowd, who, in many cases, did not know anything about Bill in his earlier days. One of the amazing dynamics at the time was when you asked married women about Bill’s misconduct they would stand up for him, when you asked what they would do if their husband acted in the same way, well, let’s just say there were no “justifications” offered, just varying suggestions of physical and emotional violence. Apparently it takes decades for that attitude to wear off.

So let’s go after, in this case, Judge Moore. Oops damn it; we just caught Al Franken engaging in unacceptable behavior. Yes, yes it was before he was in the Senate. He was a comedian at the time, he was just kidding. Joe Biden, come on now, Uncle Joe was just demonstrating his innocent affection for all of those women and children despite leaks from the Secret Service that Uncle Joe and Harvey Weinstein are cut from the same cloth. Remember the Joe Biden swimming in the nude in front of female Secret Service agent’s story?

Experts find that the rate of recidivisms related to sexual abuse increases over time; do not confuse reconviction with recidivism they are two completely separate statistical representations. However, the fact remains that most offenders don’t “get over it” they just get better at it.

I’m not justifying Judge Moore; frankly my initial reaction was that he’s creepy. People I respect do not believe the acquisitions based on the degree of cynicism they have developed over the past eight years and the media’s contribution to that well justified cynicism. It’s about Bill only insofar as he now represents old luggage that must be thrown overboard to lighten the load and clear the path for ever more moral superiority from folks who have no stake to the title. It’s about moving on; it’s about the fact that Bill is no longer of use and worse than that may be embroiled in yet another set of major scandals in the foreseeable future.

Having second thoughts about Bill’s conduct is the gateway drug allowing the users to move on to the good stuff; battering Conservatives. We don’t need facts we have FusionGPS.