Media Runs Block On Menendez Corruption Trial

Don’t look now but the trial of Democratic Senator Bob Menendez is wrapping up this week. Menendez, the senior Senator from New Jersey, was accused of sleeping with underage prostitutes as well as taking bribes, but left-wing outlets are working overtime to disprove the allegations even while the jury deliberates.

As one user on twitter put it:

Just look at the opening sentence from this Associated Press (AP) story in the San Diego Tribune:

Federal prosecutors said Monday that they aren’t convinced claims U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez cavorted with underage hookers – widely seen as discredited – are false.

That sentence is so poorly written, it’s hard to even grasp what it’s saying. The sentence is written in such a chopped up way that it looks like Prosecutors just exonerated Menendez because the AP is concerned that readers may get the wrong impression and correctly think a Democrat is on trial for corruption and hookers. Therefore, in the first sentence, they’ve attempted to litigate and dismiss the entire ordeal.

The sentence actually says that prosecutors believe Menendez slept with underage hookers and took bribes, and that it hasn’t been disproved yet. However, the language used by the AP sounds as if prosecutors think that those claims have been discredited? Are shaky? Are something else? It’s a terrible sentence that shouldn’t be fit to print in a high school newspaper let alone an international media outlet.

If you dive into the meat of the allegations, there clearly appears to be numerous instances where Menendez lied about what he was doing in the Dominican Republic, and who paid for it:

Lawyers for the New Jersey Democrat last week asked a federal judge to dismiss charges that the senator took bribes from a Florida eye doctor, Salomon Melgen, and in exchange used his power to do business and personal favors for him.

Prosecutors said the hooker allegations against Sen. Bob Menendez ‘were not so easily disprovable as the defendants suggest.’

A pilot described a series of “young girls” who “look like escorts” on Melgen’s plane, prosecutors wrote.

“Some of the young women who received substantial sums of money from defendant Melgen were in the same place as defendant Menendez at the same times,” the government notes.

Prosecutors say that when the allegations about hookers surfaced, Menendez lied, making the “demonstrably false” claim that he’d only flown on Melgen’s plane three times.

Menendez’s defense complained that prosecutors “flooded the grand jury proceedings with inflammatory questions regarding sexual relationships, affairs, lavish gifts which are unrelated” to the charges he faces.

But prosecutors said they “did not interview or subpoena all of” Melgen or Menendez’s girlfriends.

They called only those who were involved in the corrupt exchange where Menendez used his power to help “Melgen bring his foreign girlfriends into the United States,” while Melgen used his wealth to help “Menendez take his American girlfriends on exotic overseas vacations.”

Menendez is another swamp creature, and he’s being protected in this case by the media and his fellow Democrats. He was taking bribes at the very minimum. In the worst case, he was taking bribes as underage hookers. Either way, the Senator put himself in this situation with a scummy friend from Florida giving him private trips to the Dominican. At the moment, the jury is deadlocked so he may just escape this trial unscathed.

Another great twitter observation:

It’s amazing that a sitting United States Senator is on trial for corruption and the media coverage has been almost nonexistent.