Video: Hilarious SNL Sketch Mocks Democrats

Here’s something you don’t see everyday, Saturday Night Live effectively mocking the Democratic Party as it twists in the wind lacking a real identity and is embroiled over intra-party feuds. The media has ignored this for months, yet the fire is burning all over the DNC despite their recent victories.

Without further ado, enjoy this rare moment of bashing left-wing politics from SNL:

Hot Air describes the best of it:

Invigorated by Tuesday’s wins in the blue states of New Jersey and Virginia, the Democrats attempt to introduce voters to “fresh new faces,” such as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi. But wait, there’s more. Nancy Pelosi is excited to introduce voters to “hot young thing, Elizabeth Warren!”

The skit also highlights the Democrats lack appeal to Midwestern voters. “We can’t just focus on coastal elites,” Kate McKinnon’s says as Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). “We need mouth breathers from Wisconsin.”

After Hillary tries to peddle herself as viable for another presidential run, Donna Brazile promises to “destroy all of this.”

I had to watch it repeatedly because they nailed exactly what is happening in politics right now. With wins in Virginia and New Jersey, both of which were expected, there still isn’t much to be excited about today if you’re a Democrat. The same issues still exist in the party and the DNC, as an organization, is being labeled a corrupt enterprise at the hands of the Clintons by Donna Brazile.

So enjoy these short-lived feelings of victory, and then go back to the realization that Donald Trump is still your President.