When Republicans Embrace Class Warfare, America Loses

The language of the left is being used to push the current tax reform proposal in congress. It’s sickening to hear the people who are supposed to believe in limited government explain why they need to tax some people more to “pay for” this tax plan when they should be cutting the budget.

If you adopt the views of your opponent, and start speaking like them, you’ve lost. The word is that Republicans have adopted some tax increases on “upper middle class,” and “high income individuals,” so they can shield themselves from Democratic criticism. Newsflash: There will always be criticism. There is no conceivable circumstance where Republicans try to cut taxes, and Democrats don’t trot out the tired mantra of “tax cuts of for the wealthy.”

Well, excuse me, but who pays most of the taxes? The top 10% pay 70% of all the taxes collected. If you cut taxes, clearly the people who pay the most will receive a tax cut. Republicans have learned little from watching Donald Trump destroy the media and their Democratic colleagues for the past couple years.

When do the Republicans go on offense? When to they start pushing back and standing up for every single tax-paying American? Why do some people deserve to keep more money than others? The economy of the future depends on everyone having a hand in the pot and paying their share.

Even CNBC says the plan is doomed due to class warfare:

Yes, the Republicans like to talk about big corporate tax cuts and even President Donald Trump has boasted about how the plan contains the biggest tax cuts in history. But in reality, there’s too much in the bill that the Democrats would be proud to include themselves. Chief among them is a new set of quirky surcharges that creates an effective new tax rate of 45.6 percent for those who earn more than $1 million in taxable income per year.

That’s right, the Republicans are raising taxes on the rich. Yes, there are plenty of economists and political activists, (it’s getting harder to tell the difference), who espouse that kind of a policy. But raising taxes on the richest Americans will only stifle investment and job creation while actually increasing tax evasion.

With Republicans like that, who needs Democrats?

Republicans, you are screwing this up. The Senate plan is atrocious. It has the groundbreaking idea of replacing seven brackets with seven worse brackets. It eliminates several deductions, and increases the top tax rate. It looks like a Democratic plan that Chuck Schumer would be proud of.

There are only two scenarios. Either Republicans want to lose in 2018 because they’re afraid to do anything, or they want to lose to spite Donald Trump. Either scenario is pathetic.

If we get anything less than full-blown tax cuts for every taxpayer, it will have been a failure at what should have been a massive victory in the eyes of most Americans. Make the plan simple, and put out a mobile app so people can easily punch in their earnings and see how much more they would be getting back. Republicans could win the messaging game by adopting the Trump tactics of going directly to the people with their message.

Yes, the final plan hasn’t been agreed to. But the plan coming out of the Senate right now is a terrible, and we deserve and demand so much better from our “leaders.”