What Would Donald Trump Do? Fight!

Republicans suffered a loss on Tuesday night. Many of them within the establishment wing of the party are ready to turn tail and run away scared. They can’t help it. That is the establishment way of operating for the past few decades. If the media says you did something they don’t like, by all means, you should be a good Republican and apologize, maybe even resign your position.

That way of thinking has permeated all of the Republican Party apparatus up and down the line. We see it at the state level and the federal level. Frankly, what we’re not seeing enough of is a firm attitude of fighting for the American people the way President Trump does.

Democrats are now seething to take the House in 2018, and many Republicans seem eager to give it to them. It would get the GOP out of the awful position of having to lead the country. They aren’t prepared to stand for much, or act on promises like repealing ObamaCare, so it would be easier if they could be back in the minority making sound bites and accomplishing nothing.

There is a fear of success. There is a fear of leading. Both of these traits exist among the leadership in the House and Senate. Is it even debatable why voters sent Donald Trump to the White House in 2016? We know why. Those Republican leaders like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell know why. Even the anti-Trump factions like John McCain and Bob Corker know why. The issue is that they do not agree with the “why” and they don’t agree with the agenda as it stands. They certainly don’t want Donald Trump, a political novice, getting credit for what they couldn’t accomplish with their sterling political pedigree on the line.

Perhaps one of the biggest issues is that far too many Republicans don’t believe in cutting even a dollar’s worth of government. They are afraid of the push back, so they’re willing to botch tax reform and lose the House to avoid another pathetic Jimmy Kimmel anti-Republican monologue.

Well, guess what? All the monologues in the world didn’t stop Donald Trump. All the push back from celebrities didn’t stop Donald Trump. All the propaganda from the media didn’t stop Donald Trump. Furthermore, none of it peeled away his core group of support, because we believe in the agenda, and believe in righting the path in America.

Republicans in Congress will need to accomplish something in 2018, or they will be destroyed at the ballot box. And so be it.