Why #NeverTrump is Destined for Political Failure

There are three demonstrable schools of voters in the conservative movement at this point. They can be split almost exclusively in the #NeverTrump and #AlwaysTrump camps, though there is a third group who may support someone other than Trump, but they will eventually rally around the nominee.

The most obnoxious and hypocritical group that I’m focusing on are those who consider themselves leaders in the “#NeverTrump” movement. They claim, under no circumstance, will they ever cast a vote for Donald Trump. They would rather see Hillary Clinton win the White House than see Donald Trump, in their view, destroy the Republican Party, and subsequently the country. They also claim they will strictly adhere to this view, hence the “never” part of their campaign of negative action. The arrogance is almost too much to be grasped in a few short sentences.

The #NeverTrump camp includes so-called conservative personalities like Erick Erickson, Amanda Carpenter, Katie Pavlich, and Dana Loesch, to name a few. There are also entire so-called conservative media outlets, like National Review, which should simply change its name to “Against Trump,” so as to avoid confusion with a reputable organization. These are people who spend their time pushing conservatism, championing free-speech, and fighting to end political correctness, yet none of that applies when it comes to Donald Trump, a force they cannot stomach supporting to the point where they’d rather promote the woman in charge of Benghazi to be in charge of the free world.

The part of this movement that floors me is the overt hatred of the voting population that continues pulling the lever for Trump every time they’re given the chance. The other aspect of watching this unfold is finding out just how little influence these #NeverTrumpers actually have over their audience, or perhaps how small that audience actually is.

There is something about the attitude of claiming to be the “true conservatives” who are so strong in their convictions, they’d rather happily support an extension of President Obama’s term by actively rooting for Hillary Clinton in the general election. This is the woman responsible for the death of a United States Ambassador in Libya, along with three other men. This is the woman who uses her private family charity like a credit card where foreign government pay the bill. This is the woman who is openly hostile to everything these #NeverTrumpers claim to stand for – yet they’re walking into her campaign with open eyes and smiling faces. That level of disconnect from authentic grassroots conservatives is mind-boggling. These people have become what they often claimed to fight – the elite. What it takes to reach this height of arrogance is something I may never understand.

A lot of this I write from a feeling of betrayal. Having covered elections in some blog form or another since 2004, and being an active reader of many of these people for over a decade, I am shocked at how bitter they have become to their own audience. You can support a candidate besides Trump, after all, this is America. But to openly fight for the installment of another Clinton in the White House speaks of lost souls who have abandoned the reality of grassroots conservatism years ago.

Take this latest gem from the often cognitively dissonant Erick Erickson:

“I don’t give a damn about the will of the people. I’m telling you that I personally will not ever support Donald Trump.

If you don’t like it, deal with it. It’s the will of this person!

The will of the people is just a polite way of saying the collective, which is the authoritarian, socialist destiny of this nation if Donald Trump is elected.

I want no part of it and will play no role other than to stop Donald Trump.

If Hillary Clinton gets elected, that’s the logical outcome of a Trump nomination. That would, after all, be the will of the people.”

Yes, the logical outcome of a Trump nomination is a Clinton victory – if people like Erickson continue to throw a tantrum because their candidate of choice has lost. People like him, and the others mentioned above, were crying foul when Donald Trump indicated he wasn’t sure he could support the eventual nominee, because he wouldn’t commit to such things. As a result, the Republican National Committee asked all candidates to sign a “pledge” indicating their support. Trump signed it without much fanfare, and everyone moved on.

Here we are today where Donald Trump is likely to become the Republican nominee, and the very people who openly screamed at him for not pledging to support the Republican nominee are now openly vowing to support the Democratic nominee in the General Election. Make no mistake, attempts to run a “conservative” third-party candidate with the intention of denying Trump the White House is identical to campaigning and voting for Hillary Clinton, there is zero difference. You can’t complain that Donald Trump once donated to Hillary Clinton, then turn around and stick it to everyone by voting for Hillary Clinton, but that’s exactly what people like Erick Erickson intend to do.

The #NeverTrump movement is destined to fail for several reason. The most obvious being that, up to this point, none of these “masters” of conservative thought have been able to make so much of a scratch against Trump. Thus the reason they boil down to #NeverTrump, as opposed to something more intellectually fulfilling. Furthermore, movements which are merely “against” something, without being FOR something else, tend to die out quickly since there is only so much effort you can put in to doing nothing, and asking other people to do nothing with you.

I do sincerely hope these people will reconsider their actions, and their borderline insane behavior so we can all unite behind the nominee – whoever that may be. At this point, Donald Trump is most likely, and I will be first in line to vote for him against one of the most corrupt criminal enterprises of this century and last – the Clinton family.