Despite Immense Shortcomings, Uncle Joe Could Win the Democratic Nomination

Upon learning that Vice President Joe Biden had met with Elizabeth Warren in secret Martin O’Malley and Jim Webb quickly jumped out of their Kindergarten seats yelling “me too, me too; I had a meeting with Joe Biden.” The difference is that Warren could be a critical aspect of Biden’s path to the Democratic nomination, not so much for O’Malley and Webb.

Hillary is, even to Democrats, a less than ideal candidate. Democrats are having an acid flash-back to the inevitability of 2007. There is no Obama on the bench or even within hailing distance of the nomination this time around. Hillary’s numbers are fading, the e-mail issue won’t go away, the issues related to the Clinton Foundation are an investigative headline away from pummeling her numbers further; same goes for Benghazi.

There is a strong argument to be made that Progressive Democrats would prefer Warren over Clinton; Clinton’s strong ties to Wall Street are a fundamental concern to the Progressive Left as is the lack of engagement and energy. Hillary’s campaign, to date, has been the same old, same old; the Democratic activist base is not thrilled. According to reports Chris Matthews has not experiences a Hillary induced thrill up his leg.

Uncle Joe can do three things that could nearly assure a path to the nomination.

Get Warren to agree to running as his Vice President and announce it at the same time he announces his candidacy; go with a twofer. At the same time commit to one term. That manner of announcement will accelerate the energy on the Left as they will be fully prepared to wait four years for an Elizabeth Warren Presidency and rally to the short term stewardship of Biden.

Biden is also in a position to make the case that he is the only one that can assure the Obama coalition that he will protect and extend the Obama agenda and policy initiatives. After all he’s been there, on the inside and must know where the bodies are buried. Hillary has faced significant challenges in attempting to reconstruct the Obama coalition and it remains in serious question if she can do so, despite her excellent pandering skills.

Joe’s path to the nomination is clear; recruit Warren, announce the alliance early, commit to one term and promise to extend the Obama policy initiatives.

That is not to say this is an assured path to a Biden Presidency, but it will force Hillary to further differentiate herself from the Obama policy initiatives which makes winning over the Obama coalition a lofty challenge.