Model Democrat voters take over Bernie Sanders event

While attempting to speak at a campaign rally in Seattle on Tuesday, Democrat-socialist-communist Bernie Sanders was overrun by the “Black Lives Matter” crowd who essentially stole his campaign stop. When I say stole, I mean Sanders basically handed them the microphone and left in embarrassment. He attempted to be “reasonable,” but as the one screaming insane woman notes, “we’re not reasonable.”

Keep in mind, the big lie is that black lives matter when it’s politically expedient for these morons to care. How about the black genocide happening at the hands of Planned Parenthood? I suppose those lives do not matter because they ended at the hands of abortion doctors which is perfectly acceptable.

It’s such a train-wreck I can’t even bear to watch it, but trust me, you need to listen to what these women are saying and how they’re saying it. They are irrational, unreasonable, and represent a big faction in the Democratic Party. All land is stolen, all whites are racist, everything is about them and them alone. The crowd of lemmings? Who cares, they’re all “screaming white racists” too!

The embarrassment continues another four minutes:

The Democratic Party is off the rails and this type of behavior proves it. The woman screaming at the crowd of liberal morons calls them racists, at which point they finally become offended by the whole situation. This is what you created, you fools! This is Obama’s America and those women screaming at the microphone are model citizens.