Kerry: Cuba will be a strategic partner for climate change

Yes, that’s right, the regime that imprisons and beats citizens for speaking out about their own government is deeply concerned about climate change. For years, the Cuban people have been oppressed by the incandescent light bulb until Secretary of State John Kerry arrived with his French-sounding Spanish address to the dictatorship.

The New York Times has the excerpt:

The new committee that Mr. Kerry and Mr. Rodríguez agreed to establish will deal with three areas. One is what Mr. Kerry called “the easy package” — issues like maritime security and climate change where the prospects for cooperation are the greatest.

Another somewhat more difficult area of discussion involves civil aviation and Internet access. The last area concerns vexing issues like human trafficking, financial claims the two side have lodged against each other and human rights.

Keep human rights at the end of that list since that is of little interest to the Obama administration.

Duping Cuba into using low-flow faucets will be much easier than, for example, asking them to stem the the tide of human trafficking or releasing political prisoners. Then again, which issue hurts the planet more? Political prisoners or Cuba’s inability to adequately recycle? If you’re the progressive left, you already know the answer. Prisoners be damned! Cubans need low-flow toilets!