No Surprise

I just couldn’t help it. As Hillary addressed, or more accurately didn’t address, concerns over her conspicuous attempt to avoid accountability, I waited for her to channel her husband complete with the wagging finger; “ah did not have e-mail with that server.”

Yes, yes, I know, she admitted the existence of the server and the e-mails but after nearly 24 years of Clintonian dissembling combined with the likelihood of being stuck with Hillary’s cackle from hell for the foreseeable future, I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

The true shame of it is; no surprise! No surprise that Hillary, at least, circumvented the rules. The shame of it is I’m to the point of expecting it; same with fund raising for the Clinton foundation. Same with Bill’s continued, alleged, womanizing. Not surprised that despite Hillary’s contention yesterday that she communicated with dot gov e-mail accounts which therefore would be retained, her top aides also had accounts; likely the height of cool in Clinton Land and likely the preferred method of communication. It is for thee oh little people, not for me!

Should the expectation of corruption and dishonesty disqualify Hillary? Depends on who you talk to; if you talk to long time Clinton supporters there is simply no there, there. Just more Right Wing conspiracy stuff when the more significant likelihood is that the knife came from inside the Democratic Party. No rousing expressions of support from the White House.

“She didn’t break the law!” Okay, maybe she didn’t technically break the law; what a fine standard for an aspiring American President. In Hillary’s mind perhaps this is just one more storm to be weathered by Clintonville, no big deal. She does have some considerable experience to fall back on: bimbo eruptions, Clinton Foundation donations, and cattle futures, billing records, Sandy Berger, Whitewater, Lincoln Bedroom, Vince Foster, Travelgate, Monica, illegal fund raising and Benghazi. After all, she didn’t “break the law”, leastways she didn’t get indicted, but she did come close in 1999 according to Hickman Ewing, Deputy independent counsel to Ken Starr. The storm, however, is not over, Ken Fitton at Judicial Watch has ten lawsuits active in Federal Court with an additional 160 Freedom of Information Act demands pending.

“It was simply too much to carry two devices, although it’s not so bad now. When I had the full State Department retinue at beck and call, it was too much, now that I’m a private citizen I’ve found a way to bear up under the pressure, whew!”

Are we to be led to acceptance? Anything short of a grand jury indictment is just as Mr. Carville put’s it; “more of the same.” One has to wonder what Hillary could possibly do to actually surprise us. Wait, wait, it just came to me; tell the unadulterated truth the first time.