JV on Display

The number of Presidential assertions yesterday at the “Extremism Summit” that will justifiably be categorized as willful blindness occurred nearly to fast to catalogue in real time. The President referenced the major challenges America has faced over its history: depression, Civil War, two World Wars, Fascism, Communism, 9/11 etc. What he failed to focus on were the exceptional leadership skills courage and vision that guided us through those challenges; Roosevelt, Truman, Reagan and, in many ways, Bush.

The leadership vacuum is startling, this week alone reports surfaced that the administration refused intelligence to the Jordanians and Egyptians regarding targeting of ISIS. The administration condemned Egypt and the UAE for air strikes in Libya; no doubt, in part, because the administration was not consulted over the strikes. A clear symptom that the Obama administration is not considered as a leader in the conflict against ISIS or Egypt and the UAE have concerns over the operational security of their planning if shared with the Obama administration.

Leaving aside the attendees who in point of fact behave in total opposition to what the President contends is necessary, the President remains set on the course of attending to foreign policy and crisis in the mode of community organizer. The rhetoric, to those unfamiliar with the tenants of Islam and Islamic jurisprudence, was, no doubt soothing. It all sounded good, rational, a somnambulant to the unknowing. It only works, however, if the demands of your life preclude you from engaging in the study of what makes radical Islam tick and a history that is in no way at odds with the crimes against humanity and the aspirations to genocide we see today.

The President spoke to the wide range of activities that must be engendered to fight “violent extremism” and yet, he entertains senior leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House and State Department who stand as the tip of the spear, the brain trust, in the promotion of a radical Islamic ideology. That ideology grew out of the idea that failings in the Arab world were directly attributable to the fact that Muslims had grown away from fundamental, thousand year old, interpretations of Islam and the road to success lay in the renewal of that thousand year old ideology. According to the Investigative Project on Terrorism, (IPT); scores of Islamic radicals have visited the White House from a variety of organizations that serve as fronts for the Brotherhood.

The conflict between the President’s words and his behaviors is, to be kind, difficult to resolve.
If Marie Harf was justifiably castigated over her “jobs for radicals” contentions we now know without question that the policy comes directly from the Oval Office. The President doubled down on Harf’s contention in his remarks yesterday, more elegantly, but absent any give.

The root cause of Islamic violence is Islam; there is no escape from what is said in the Koran, the Hadith and the Life of Mohammed. The is no escape from the fact that Mohammed’s earlier, more peaceful teachings are considered to be “abrogated” by his later more militant, violent teachings. The fact is that seventh century behaviors have been carried into the modern world by Salafist Islam.

The President spoke of the “over a billion Muslims” who reject the terrorist narrative. That leaves somewhere between 400 and 500 million who are, in fact, radicalized; well beyond the estimates of most experts. The President continues to erode his credibility and casts the breadth of his knowledge in severe question beginning with the Cairo speech and continuing to this day.

And, yes Mr. President, ISIL, al Qaeda, Hiz’bAllah, Hamas Islamic Jihad, etc. do consider themselves to be holy warriors. The ever more secular West has trouble relating to religious fervor and failing to understand it, denigrate it as non-applicable. It is this absence of connection with realities that stirs the debate over the use of words and the failure to identify clearly who represents the threats and the scope of those threats.

The President spoke to “lifting up” the voices of former extremists. Where are they Mr. President? Have they been invited to the White House with the appropriate fanfare? Where is the photo op?

The President castigates the absence of education, the presence of corruption, and the “daily humiliations” but does not connect those circumstances with the simple fact that those conditions are in fact a result of the dominance of Islamic thought and jurisprudence in the Middle East for over a millennia.

“So the essential ingredient to real and lasting stability and progress is not less democracy; it’s more democracy”; so said the President apparently unaware that the dominant thinking in Islam is that democracy and Islam are fundamentally incompatible. That democracy is an idea created by man and is therefore secondary to the law of God, in this case the Koran. Democracy may be used as a vehicle to achieve Islamic, Sharia based governance but no more.

The President contends that Islam has been “woven into the fabric of our country since its founding”; nothing could be further from the truth. He then highlights this falsehood by speaking to the first Islamic Center being founded in the 1890’s, over a century after the American founding. He failed to include Thomas Jefferson’s appraisal of Islam. Jefferson faced the same barbarism and the same justifications for that barbarism that we face to this day. No lesser a figure than Winston Churchill opined extensively on the impact of Islam on its followers and its society.

Little has changed from those days to these and it is time to face the actual realities of radicalized Islam as opposed to the realities the President wishes were true.