Politics Does Not Require Proof

Given the President’s frequent mishandling of facts and occasionally stunning characterizations, he should know: Politics does not require proof! In fact he’s depended on it.

76%, in a now well circulated recent Fox News Poll, believe Lois Lerner’s e-mails were deliberately destroyed. We, of course, don’t have that evidence because so far as we know today the evidence, according to the IRS was destroyed, along with, potentially, seven other high level IRS operatives suffering convenient computer crashes.

Democrats on the Hill engage in a classic case of circular logic as they point to a supposed lack of evidence, when the lack of evidence is nexus of the issue; they know politics doesn’t require proof. But, they doth protest too much. Rep. Elijah Cummings consistently makes the case that there is no connection to the White House. A connection to the White House could only be proven by, wait for it, the missing e-mails. Why even make that protest?

The 18 minute gap in the Nixon Tapes likely eliminated critical evidence, that absence actually accelerated the tsunami of political blowback most especially in the context that Nixon was not perceived as a particularly trustworthy figure to begin with. Mr. Obama’s numbers are not so hot these days either.

The same acceleration that occurred during Watergate is occurring with Lerner’s e-mails. The Lerner e-mail hearings were essentially ignored by NBC, CBS and ABC keeping it off the AM and PM prime time air and yet we’re still seeing 76% on the Stink-O-Meter absent their participation. Perhaps the MSM is not nearly as influential as they and we have been led to believe. The internals to the poll certainly indicate that is the case: 90% of Republicans think thee-mails were deliberately destroyed, 74% of Independents and 63% of Democrats. That is as close to a consensus as we’ve seen on anything in a very long time, all without evidence!!

The lies about ObamaCare, failures to stimulate the economy, the growing squeeze on the Middle Class, misrepresentation of deportation statistics and a plethora of misleading assertions by the administration have positioned the IRS scandal as the canvas upon which growing frustrations can be reflected.

The Lerner e-mails may in fact be gone, eliminating direct links to the targeting of Conservative groups but it doesn’t matter. Politics is not a courtroom and circumstantial evidence prevails. IRS executives appear on the White House visitor logs hundreds of times, the prior IRS Commissioner , Mark Everson, appeared at the Bush White House once. Reports of the information demand coming from the targeted groups are beyond the pale of what a reasonable person would consider appropriate. We know Lerner wanted to go after Senator Grassley, we know that at the FEC she offered a deal to Al Salvi that consisted of the demand that Salvi agree to never running for office again. During her time at the FEC she targeted Conservative Christian groups. We also know that the IRS illegally shared confidential information with the Justice Department.

Overwhelming circumstantial evidence in the court of public opinion is evidence enough to generate an infrequently seen consensus. While the search for the “proof” will continue, politics does not demand it!