Are The Walls Closing In On Hillary’s Strategy

In an interview with a Canadian reporter Hillary refused to answer for the Keystone Pipeline. Her strategy was to broaden the issue. She won’t say if the pipeline should be rejected, although she refused to approve the pipeline during her tenure insisting on ever more studies. She recommends not a “one by one” set of decisions but an “overall” policy that would eventually include Mexico.

She said, in essence, the same thing when questioned by Greta Van Sustern of Fox news related to Bowe Begdahl. She was trying to strike a “bigger deal” with the Taliban that ignored the essential ideology of the parties she intended to negotiate with, such as rejecting al Qaeda and violence. Of course an answer to the specific question was not forthcoming.

The question, in the same interview regarding Benghazi was answered with “the fog of war” and Clinton’s inability to sort through the information flow. The crucial follow up question never came; “When the bodies came home you were still speaking of the video, considering that the “fog” had lifted by then and the participation of Ansar al Sharia was clearly identified by her own people, why still blame the video?” On that issue as well, Hillary sought to broaden the issue but alluding to her perception that the attackers could have been there for variety of reasons; “we can’t say everyone was influenced (by the video), we can’t say no one was influenced.” She insists on a vanilla position in the face of growing evidence that the video had little to do with the variety of attacks in Benghazi, despite the statement she issued at 10:07PM on 9/11/13 referring to the video as she did in subsequent days.

The details and the facts will, in Hillary’s mind, be mitigated by her consistent suggestions that the details and facts are less important than the “bigger deal” or “broader context” she was attempting to put in place. One detail to consider, one fact, is that she never accomplished a big deal. The broader context she attempted to generate never happened.

Hillary’s strategy essentially supports the contention that she did not accomplish anything during her tenure as Secretary of State. She may have tried but as Yoda said; “there is no try, do or not do”. Either she’s not as smart as I thought she was or she’s feeling the walls closing in on questions she simply does not want to or cannot answer. Madam Secretary, it gets harder from here.