The President Doubles Down, Again!

The President, as is his wont, has doubled down on Sgt. Bergdahl. The President, however, has a problem, a majority of Americans have, or are losing confidence in him and his ability to speak the truth. What he has to say is quickly becoming irrelevant to an overwhelming majority. The halcyon days of 2009 have vanished. Whatever the President has to say is now colored by the fact that nearly 60% of Americans have arrived at a negative view of the President. The moral authority off the office has been squandered to the Gods of ideological politics, regulation, appeasement and outright lies.

When disapproval approaches or is at 60% that is about as far as you can go given current demographics and political self-identification. We celebrate 54% election victories as landslides: what does 60% mean?

The President offers no apologies, except to Diane Feinstein. The President, as he often does, has created his own little political corner. Once again, Susan Rice appears, Dunce Cap in hand. Forget the tin ear: make it cast iron or better yet carbon steel. No amount of input penetrates the Obama bubble, not the nod to Islam in the Rose Garden, not the current state of the evidence against Bergdahl. Nothing penetrates the Obama bubble of narcissism and ideology.

Leader Reid, predictably defends the Bergdahl decision, his caucus, however, is inching away. You can say this for Harry Reid, he’s reliable, maybe a bit on the crazy side of life, but reliable. The problem is judgment as video clip shows Reid standing to the podium and asking, “What difference does it make”; channeling Hillary for yet another cringe worthy moment.

The short form analysis of how Democrats feel about the latest ham handed handling of the prisoner release is simple; if Chuck Schumer does not show up with Leader Reid in full view of the cameras; Houston we have a problem!

Hillary’s take is quickly becoming a mandatory point of comment for the MSM; she was against the Bergdahl release before she was for it. Could it be that the” Ready For Hillary” movement can only be stopped by one force; Hillary! Not hard to imagine Hillary shaking her head thinking; “This guy (Obama) is killing me.” But then again, what difference does it make?