If You’ve Been Paying Attention

Boko Haram is nothing new; if you’ve been paying attention. They have been spreading death and destruction for years in the name of Allah. Ah, but now with 300 girls kidnapped and under threat of being sold into slavery we have your attention. Boko will be subjected to our new hefty approach to foreign policy, a hash tag. Hospitals, churches, schools, entire villages, have all come to know the virulent violence of Boko Haram, fully justified in their mind by the tenants of Islam. They’re right! Islam does justify this behavior; Islam justifies slavery, domestic violence, violence against the infidel and all manner of behavior anathema to Western sensibilities. They are justified not just by the Koran but by the life of Mohammed; Mohammed serves as a perfect example to all Muslims. Mohammed, in his later years engaged in all of those activities that Boko is involved in. Wait, wait Mohammed was a pedophile as well, pedophilia in the Muslim world is rampant; you know that, if you’ve been paying attention!

American ‘leaders’ such as Secretary Kerry insist on being unable to find their own arse with two hands and a flashlight; they apply the liberal orthodoxy that terrorism is a function of poverty. Yea, Kerry said that yesterday, despite many serious studies that give lie to that contention. It’s not about poverty it’s about a religious ideology that was declared perfected a thousand years ago. Take a moment to ponder what has come to pass over the past thousand years. Change in Islam is prohibited. Call it what you will fundamentalist, Salafist, Islamist or Political Islam it’s all the same. It’s imperialistic, it’s violent, it’s fascist and by our definition, evil! It has nothing to do with poverty; it has everything to do with full throated acceptance of a thousand year old ideology that is immutable and not affected by the march of modernity. Modernity is, in predominant Islam, evil in and of itself. The first step to Islamic purity is to memorize the Koran, not to discuss it, or interpret it, engage it; to memorize it! If you’ve been paying attention that tells you something important.

Boko is not alone. The Islam of intolerance, dominance and suppression is everywhere and their instincts and belief system are compatible with Boko. There are no voices of consequence in the Islamic world condemning Boko, there are Islamic organizations in the West that condemn Boko but they are engaged in “Taqiyya”, an Islamic principal that justifies lying to the Infidel when you are in a position of weakness. It’s all you need to know about Islam writ large! Let’s also answer the ever present pregnant question; are all Muslims radicalized? No they are not, but moderates are mostly silent. ‘Moderate’ Muslims know better than anyone the potential price to pay for stepping outside of fundamentalist orthodoxy. You can be declared Apostate by any local Imam; the sentence is death!

Boko Haram and the Taliban are brothers from different mothers. The ideology is the same, the behaviors are the same, the results are the same; Medieval society! Each and every day for the past twelve years I’ve looked at reporting related to Muslim violence in the world and the rhetoric and belief system that fuels it. Not a day goes by without multiple, sometimes dozens of reports from multiple continents.

Christians in Egypt and Syria are being hunted down, raped and murdered, entire communities burned to the ground, others forced to become refugees or convert to Islam under the threat of death. Do they have a hash tag? Just this week a lawyer in Pakistan assigned to defend a man accused of blasphemy was murdered in the street. He was probably a ‘moderate’, the message was good and truly delivered. This message is delivered every day in dozens of countries; submit, convert or die! Radical Islam justifies that behavior and the Clerics motivate it!

Does this sound angry? I hope so! I’ve spent twelve years with Islam, standing on the shoulders of true expertise, reading the sermons and Fatwas of Islam’s leaders. I’m angry because we just don’t get it, we can’t call it by its name, we can’t describe it for what it is, facts don’t matter, what Islamists say to us, over and over again about they’re intentions is rejected by us; ‘oh no they don’t really mean it.’ Yea, they do! They want you dead or Muslim, one way or another; its patient, and it’s time line is generational.

The Obama administration is sprinkled with high level Islamist sympathizers! Those who call them out are dismissed, look up what happened to Stephen Coughlin at the DOD. Do a little research and discover how many Council on American Islamic Relations, CAIR, executives have spent time in jail and for what (Investigative Project on Terrorism has the detail). Take a look at the number of Islamic enclaves right here in the good old U.S.A. Track the evolution of the tri-border area in Central America, have a look at eight years of reporting related to OTM’s crossing our southern border. OTM’s you ask, those are “other than Mexican” and typically Arab.. Common cause between Islamists and Mexican drug cartels are common knowledge, if you’ve been paying attention.

We have their documents describing their strategy, generated by the Muslim Brotherhood brain trust. It came to light at the Holy Land Foundation terror funding trial in Dallas. They will destroy us, in their minds, by using our freedoms, sensitivities and tendencies toward tolerance against us. They will demand tolerance and respect as they set about creating the infrastructure necessary to destroy us. They will cast their ‘plight’ as a Civil Rights issue, they will accuse us of intolerance and Islamophobia at every turn. They will infiltrate institutions and political process as they have done in the current White House; you know this, if you’ve been paying attention.