Your Lying Eyes

We know that key players in the administration knew that Benghazi was a terror attack as it was happening or shortly thereafter. We know that after confirmation of the fact that it was a terror attack the President and Secretary of State were still pointing at the video. Do not, however, believe your lying eyes.

You might want to ignore your ears as well as the degree of double speak is deep and tortured, Jay Carney must be exhausted.

The Ben Rhodes e-mail about Benghazi is not about Benghazi. A terror attack is not a terror attack. Lying to the families as the bodies came home is not lying. Greg Hicks, who told the truth, is probably sharing an office with a mop and a bucket at the State Department. The single most truthful, dramatic recitation of the facts was punished.

The threat warnings and desperate pleas for additional security that were ignored, were not really ignored. The stand down orders were not really stand down orders, they were a denial of approval to transport, a difference absent a distinction. The fact however remains that two different organizational stovepipes delivered the same message at about the same time, stand down!

Back to the e-mail and your lying eyes. Rhodes insists that Prep for Susan Rice address that “the United States is doing everything we can to protect our people”. Abject falsehood, existing security for Benghazi was cancelled despite Ambassador Stephen’s desperate requests for additional security. The video is to blame; false. A demonstration; false. Ben Rhodes goes on, “we will be resolute in bringing people who harm Americans to justice”; so far no one has paid a price for Benghazi, except Greg Hicks and the maker of the video. He goes on “reinforce the President and the Administration’s strength and steadiness in dealing with difficult challenges”; really? We don’t know where the President was or what he was doing that night.

Rhodes’ memorandum goes on to remind everyone that the administration is focused on overseas safety and security, security that was absent by way of denial. But worry not “we’re reaching out to other governments about protecting U.S. installations”, then it’s back to the video and finally for the big finish we’re going to “encourage’ other countries to speak out against violence.”

On September 11th, 2012 at 6:40PM Eric Pelofski sent Susan Rice an e-mail expressing his worry that Ambassador Stephens was dead or kidnapped. At 8:51 there is hope Stephens is alive, at 11:53 PM he reports that he’s been contacted by Libyan officials extending their condolences over the dead.

Back to Ben Rhodes’ e-mail, it is purely political; there is simply no way around that. What is interesting is that within the inner circle Rhodes is speaking to he feels the need to reinforce how strong and resolute the President has been. How concerned the President is about the safety and security of embassy installations. Can’t help wondering if there is a small string at the back of Rhodes’ neck, pull it and you get the day’s talking points.

Also interesting for your lying eyes and ears is that although current double speak attempts to cloud the issue in the uncertainty of information available in the moment no such uncertainty existed for Secretary Clinton who’s official statement on September 11th referenced the video. Susan Rice was also copied on an e-mail with information from a CNN reporter identifying that Ansar al-Sharia, a known al Qaeda affiliate, was involved in the violence at the Consulate. That e-mail is also dated September 11th 2012. Nope, it’s the video.

On September 12th a ‘guidance memorandum’ was issued in that memo the answer to who is Ansar al-Sharia was that it was too early to make a judgment even though they had in hand reporting from the day before. The administration also had the opinion and analysis of the Libyan President that Benghazi was a terror attack.

All of that and more before Susan Rice did the Sunday shows.

The choice is simple, ignore the facts, abandon reliance on simple common sense, don’t listen to people who were involved in real time and most importantly ignore your lying eyes!