Joining The Chorus

Sometimes a chorus is necessary. In most cases there is a conscious effort to eschew repetition of the thoughts of others in favor of looking for a bit of a niche to crawl into. Occasionally, however, the need to join the chorus prevails.

Cliven Bundy has proven himself to be a racist moron. There is no excuse, there is no justification; there is no explanation. I’m done with Cliven Bundy, I care what happens to him and his claims in principal but I don’t want him to be the face of the issue, I don’t want to see his face at all. In fact there will be no resurrection of the issue until there is a new face who is not a racist moron. It shouldn’t be hard to find. It hasn’t been hard to find, they’re everywhere. Earth to Cliven; sit down, shut up, we’re done; you have officially screwed the pooch. It does not, apparently, take long to go from the penthouse to the outhouse. The smell is intolerable.

At least one Conservative commentator makes the argument that the issue transcends Cliven Bundy; really? That’s not how you reported it, Cliven was elevated, pursued. You have to depend on your friends to tell you the truth so here it is; do you’re damn homework and know who you’re elevating. We went from a beyond reproach, Catherine Engelbrecht to Cliven, just saying.

All of us, the lot of us, we evil Republicans and Conservatives are consistently portrayed as racist. It’s not true but the persistence of the charge has its own manner of power. Cliven Bundy adds fuel to that fire. That is why the chorus is necessary. That is Cliven needs to know that wherever he turns he is being rejected. Those who support him need to know the same thing. Hopefully, the mass of the chorus delivers the message.

Turn off the cameras, pocket the voice recorders, check out of the Motel 6 and say good bye to the cow herds. You can’t transcend overt, ignorant racism! You can, however, join the chorus and reject it.