Dangerous Ground And The Accident Of Birth

We enter dangerous ground. The charges of racism grow each and every day with the recent spree apparently coordinated amongst Democratic leaders. These are charges directed at broad swaths of the American Public. This is dangerous ground, this is not some Podunk politician looking for a headline with broad charges of racism; it’s the President and the Attorney General and the Minority leader of the House of Representatives and the head of the House campaign organization, to name a few. If you’re a Republican, you’re a racist, if you’re a Conservative you’re a racist, at least most of you.

Van Jones says Libertarians are racists, Rep. Steve Israel says “to a significant extent the Republican base is animated by racism”. Nancy Pelosi hopped on the racism bandwagon. The President attends Rev. Sharpton’s event with Mr. Holder and they both allude to being faced with racism in Congress. MSNBC lives and breathes racism; seeing it in every shadow and under every bed.

Political disagreement is now almost automatically met with charges of racism, there is no sense of comity for honest disagreement, there has to be deeper motivation than intellectual disagreement; racism. This trend has been, if not led by the President and those closest to him, they have provided all of the necessary winks and nods required.

General Holder early in this administration leveled the acquisition that we did not have the courage to engage in an honest discussion about race. Now that I’ve been repeatedly labeled as a racist for any number of reasons, by people I don’t know, I’m not so interested in the discussion anymore, courageous or not. To some in the Black intelligencia the random occurrence of being born white makes you a racist, Professor Dyson and Toure have long beat that drum. The logic, as it so often does, leaves me unsatisfied. If I’m a racist because I was ‘born this way’ why the need for constant reminders; isn’t that a waste of time, flogging the horse that you have already pronounced as dead. While we’re on the subject, is not the attribution of stereotypical thinking and behaviors along with the assumption of superiority at the heart of racism. If it is, I would say to Professor Dyson, Mr. Holder, Toure, the President, Ms. Pelosi and Representative Israel and the entire side show; you’re a bunch of racists.

How’s that for having a courageous conversation?

All over the country there are two groups being empowered by the constant drum beat of racism. The first sees racism as a means to an end and don’t want it to end. It is the ultimate justification for leadership failure; it relegates a discussion of societal failure to a protected place where only certain people are allowed to engage the issues of the black family, single parent households, teen pregnancy, crappy schools and violence. The other group is people of good intent who have had enough of the charges; they will tune out and stop trying to find their better angels. When real racist outrages occur, they will be already gone.

Under these conditions, with this absence of leadership there is nothing that will stimulate constructive engagement. We’ll have lots more victims, lots more excuses but progress will be absent. This is the dangerous ground, this is the ground where justifications for aberrant behavior flourish, where there are no innocents, no societal limits; there is just the accident of birth.