Picking The Wrong Chick

We, each and every one, should imagine ourselves trapped in the reality that Catherine Engelbrecht and her family have experienced.

Catherine is a class act, interviewed recently by Fox she was offered a variety of soft ball questions that would have allowed her to ‘go off’ on the folks responsible for her experience; she refused to take the bait and just stood on the facts. Catherine conducted herself similarly during her Congressional testimony. Her message to her tormentors was; “you picked the wrong chick to mess with” and they did.

It begins with two organizations founded by Catherine; a tea party sympathetic group, the King Street Patriots and True the Vote. She applies for 401C3 status. To make a long story short the IRS targeting, admitted to by Lois Lerner on a conference call ahead of an Inspector General’s report. The IRS invades her privacy with ongoing demands for information they have no right to, they demand volumes of information: Facebook posts, training materials, donor lists, texts of every talk or speech that’s occurred, copies of Twitter feeds. Catherine, having nothing to hide, supplies the information; still no approval of here 401C3 status. Audits of her business and personal IRS filings soon follow. Over 20 years there has never been an audit of Catherine or her family, now there are three. ATF shows up as well, they are there to inspect a gun manufacturing operation that exists only as a permit to do so. The Engelbrecht family never took advantage of their manufacturing permit. Comes now FBI agents assigned to the counter terror division. They have questions about someone who may or may not have attended meetings. And, just in case the Engelbrechs are not having enough trouble sleeping at night the FBI promises to ‘keep in touch’, and they do so, frequently, reminding Catherine that Big Brother is indeed watching.

We’re not done; OSHA shows up resulting in $22,000 in fines; the worst violation was an equipment driver that failed to buckle up! Watching the video of her operation I can only say I’ve been associated with hotels and restaurants that weren’t that clean or well organized. OSHA says it was a case of random selection. In the event that there is a math genius in the audience, what are the odds that four federal agencies showing up, being in contact over a dozen times focused on a single citizen?

True the Vote was a response to ACORN and the well documented voter fraud that group engaged in. Lois Lerner has already told us that the IRS targeted Conservative groups. Rep. Elijah Cummings has spent months screaming that the IRS hearings are going nowhere, we then learn it was his office that may have been right in the middle of sending the IRS Catherine’s way in the first place. Ah, yes; he doth protest too much.

The ‘other woman’ is Lois Lerner, now held in contempt of Congress. Lois is, likely, not worried. The Contempt of Congress Citation goes to Eric Holder’s Justice Department where we can expect exactly nothing to be done. Past as prologue nearly guarantees that Mr. Holder will relegate the Lerner investigation to his lower left hand desk drawer where the Benghazi investigation sits.

What’s the point of revisiting all of this? Imagine it was you! I have, I find it frightening, as should we all. There is no question that going through what Catherine has gone through would test my mettle and the courage of my convictions. Her mettle and convictions seem, if anything, stronger. They definitely picked the wrong chick to mess with.