Maryland abandons $125 million Obamacare exchange

Some news conveniently dropped last Friday afternoon that the state of Maryland has completely abandoned its Obamacare exchange website which has already devoured over $125 million in taxpayer money. Amazingly, not a single statewide elected official seems to be responsible for it nor has any inclination to offer explanation as to how the state disposed of that much money down the rat hole. Maryland Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown, also a 2014 gubernatorial candidate, is mildly embarrassed since he was in charge of getting the exchange operational but that’s about where the buck stops.

The Washington Post was satisfied with quoting a couple unnamed sources saying the Maryland exchange was “broken beyond repair,” but didn’t see the need to investigate any further.

I’m still in absolute awe as to how anyone, public or private, can spend north of $1 million, let alone $100 million and have a website that is entirely useless. Having designed countless websites, some on shoestring budgets, it’s mind-boggling that this much money can go to waste without even a half-functioning end product and no perp walk.

Luckily, however, Maryland taxpayers will see a major benefit since they’ll be able to salvage the web servers purchased to house and operate the exchange website. That’s the silver lining. Marylanders now have web servers that should cost a couple thousand dollars but ran them a cool $125 million. I’m sure in a few days it’ll turn out that those particular servers aren’t compatible with the needs of the Connecticut Obamacare exchange software, the replacement model Maryland is eyeing, so don’t break out the champagne yet.

The software portion of the exchange website (i.e. everything they paid for) is garbage. It’ll be heaped on the scrap pile of big government failure built on false intentions.