How Surreal Can This Get?

This is all becoming more than a little bit surreal. The Obama Presidency is beginning to look like the political analog of a Salvador Dali painting of a melting pocket watch. Surrealism, as defined in its first manifesto by Andre Breton addressed the “functioning of thought absent any control exercised by reason” and “exempt from aesthetic or moral concern.” Hmmmmmmmmm?

Have we elected a President or hired an Insurance Salesman? Seems that selling a piece of legislation that he himself has deconstructed close to three dozen times has taken on the patina of that joke you know is coming and you know it’s not funny; not now, not ever but here it comes nonetheless.

Stifle that yawn; we now learn that the President unilaterally rewrote the Freedom of Information Act by adding provisions intended to protect the White House that do not exist in the legislation.

The President is under the impression that the Palestinian Authority has rejected violence. No control exercised by reason in that perception. Surreal! The PLO nearly invented modern day terrorism.

China is rhetorically supporting Russia in their little Ukraine adventure, as they backed Russia related to Iranian sanctions, Syria and any other time the opportunity arrives to stick it in the U.S. eye. However, this time we have a carefully calibrated response. The First Lady will jet over to China for a vacation. That’ll show them how displeased we are with them.

Most Americans say it still ‘feels’ like we’re in a recession, considering that the perception is based on a ‘feeling’ the Progressives should be falling to their knees trying to figure out how to make us ‘feel better’. Fear not, a new economic initiative is in the oven; a higher minimum wage and new Presidential edicts regarding overtime, both of which will have a chilling effect on employment and economic growth, most especially at the lower end of the employment ladder.

The top three issues for Americans: Jobs, the economy and debt; the Presidential answer, yet another budget proposal that generates more spending, more debt and questionable economic growth.

The President threatened ‘costs’ for the Russian moves in the Ukraine. We now know what the President’s first move is and it is, in fact, the joke we feared it would be. If there are costs to be suffered by Russia they are in the future and will do nothing to deter Russia’s short term goals for economic and political control of Ukraine. As the President announces his ‘slap on the wrist’ sanctions, reports have Russia storming a Ukrainian military base near the Crimean capital. Could the contrast be any starker; any more Surreal?

Are well considered lies surrealistic? They appear to operate with no regard for morality and absent reason as a controlling influence. If so, we are in the middle of political surrealism such as we have never encountered and to the applause of a media also absent the control of reason.