The Great and Powerful Oz

As Ukraine pushed back against Russian interests last week, vast sections of our elite foreign policy establishment, currently populated mainly by ‘realists’ opined with typical conviction that for any number of reasons President Putin would not do exactly what he did do.

The evidence suggests that President Obama’s foreign policy advisors don’t see enemies; they only see opportunities for diplomatic engagement. They are fools! Will the President begin to question the path he is on or insist on an additional series of international embarrassments before a critical reevaluation occurs?

The Eastern Europe missile defense system, announcing a departure date in the same breath you announce a surge in Afghanistan; cherry picking Quranic verses out of context in the Cairo speech, failing to execute the options available in the Status of Forces agreement with Iraq, leading from behind in Libya, the pink line in Syria, Benghazi, rushing to announce the death of bin Laden when a few days of silence would have allowed for some review of the raw intelligence creating the opportunity to collapse the al Qaeda structure even further and giving the Pakistanis a chance to save face. The list of misjudgments, false starts and fallacious assumptions is five years long. There is not a single thing the administration can point to as a self generated success on the world stage, despite the many claims of success. And yet, last week the Greek Chorus sang with a singular voice; “Putin can’t afford to act against Ukraine! He will not act against Ukraine!

Embarrassment, however, is not the issue. The real issue revolves around whether or not our intelligence and foreign policy establishment is capable of, or willing to step outside of their own politically correct, self induced prejudice, group think and intellectual dysfunction to be able to see the self interest and motivations of the party sitting across the table?

Ukraine is one thing; Iran with the bomb is another. Ukraine is illustrative and begs the question; do we have any indication that the Obama Administration is capable of determining the Iranian self interest and carefully evaluating how far they are willing to go in pursuit of that interest? There is no evidence to date that the capability exists. Iran has been publically flogging the U.S. ever since the ‘agreement’ was reached. Iran has been publically flogged the agreement itself and the parties involved in reaching the ‘agreement’. We’ve had nothing to say and have done nothing to change course. The same advisors that assured the President that Putin would not move against Ukraine are also advising him on Iran. Be afraid, be very afraid. Be afraid because the last voice the President hears belongs to Valerie Jarrett and she has been instrumental in creating a geometric error sequence.

The key advisors in the White House appear to be living moment to moment. The latest evidence is the release of, complete with the mandatory picture, of the fact that the President spent 90 minutes on the phone with Putin yesterday. When Putin refuses to change course, which will be the case the President looks even more feckless than ever; proof positive that the Obama magic is no more significant than the magic of the Great and Powerful Oz. You can be assured that the Russians predicted exactly that based on even the most cursory analysis of how the President and his administration works. This President can be ‘set up’ and has been time after time. The ability to set up the President of the United States is a danger to us all.

Russia is clear on where their interests lie and what their goals are. America is not. Russia operates within a strategic context, America does not. Russia stands up to their alliances, America does not. Russia deals with the world as she finds it; America currently lives in the land of illusion marked by the phantoms of the ‘International Community”, ‘coordination’, engagement and diplomacy.

The image of Russia is a shirtless Putin in the great outdoors, the image of America is a bike helmet and Mom Jeans.