Relax, Follow Your Passion

I’m not sure what the problem here is as I watch our Democratic friends tie themselves in knots to justify what Obama Care is doing to the nation’s most fundamental underpinnings. Is it as Jonathan Turley suggests; a cult? Or is it the consistent failure to consider logical consequence.

Our Democratic leaders insist that Obama Care is the vehicle by which you can follow your passion. Well individuals of passion don’t let anything stand in their way; surly not the absence of Obama Care. Following your passion is good advice; my presence here is in no small measure an exercise in following a passion. I have not, however, demanded that others pay for my passions. Certainly not the first time the point has been made, but it simply cannot be made enough.

Job Lock! Eureka, Obama Care provides you the opportunity to escape ‘job lock; to not to be locked into a job just because of health benefits. You can simply go across town to another job you might like better. But wait ………. there are no other jobs across town. The Democratic economy has resulted in the lowest labor participation rate in nearly 40 years.

You work too hard! Hello! I, and likely you, have worked too hard for decades. We did so to excel, to progress, to enhance our earnings and to provide for our family. We did so willingly. We did so to compete and to hopefully accomplish goals in life. Hard work and creativity built the nation; some leaders of that nation would have you believe that we will be the same nation in the absence of hard work!

The fact is that hard work is a reflection of personal responsibility. To deride or minimize hard work is to do the same to folks who do work hard. It should be insulting! The satisfaction of work speaks to much more than just a pay check. There are accomplishments, there are personal connections, and there are opportunities to help lift folks up and by doing so lift yourself. There is a self-image associated with work and there is a self-image associated with not being able to work; I’ve experienced both, much prefer the former.

The reality is that the last five years of Democratic economic policies have created more ‘job lock’ than Obama Care could ever unravel. A simple metaphor for the evolution of Democratic views on work and economics is the difference between the approach of FDR and the current crop. Under FDR it was ‘created’ jobs, now the answer is no jobs and a free ride. Do something to contribute became do nothing and don’t worry about it!
Our Democratic friends are turning themselves inside out to justify doing nothing. Fewer jobs is a good thing, not working so hard is a good thing, slow economic growth is actually a benefit, food stamps is an economic stimulus.

Our Democratic friends consume enormous time and energy worrying about 13 million illegals. If only they spent that time and energy on coming together to create the economic environment that would create jobs for the 50 million AMERICANS without jobs. I’ll bet those folks are ready to work hard again!