Between Dust And A Death Wish

The administration is replete with Islamist sympathizers. Lynn Steward a traitor by any reasonable definition is released on humanitarian grounds that she herself would reject for the victims of the violence she associated herself with. KSM’s manifesto will see the light of day. Benghazi was Islamic violence. When Islamic violence occurs the President argues for ‘calm’ and argues against ‘rushing to judgment’ instead of decrying those who are clearly responsible. In the public domain Islamist Clerics in America warn their followers to never, ever cooperate with police investigations especially by the FBI. CAIR purports itself as a civil rights organization but upon closer inspection they are part of the Jihadist fifth column in America and a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Fort Hood is still categorized as workplace violence despite the cries of Alahu Akbar as Major Hassan fired upon his fellows. The Attorney General could not, would not answer questions from Congress as to the possibility that radical religious beliefs were a part of the problem. One of his deputies did the same song and dance some months later, denying what is common knowledge to the rest of us.

The statistics are overwhelming. In excess of 92% of world wide terror attacks are executed by Muslims; deaths and injuries in the tens of thousands against both the infidels and Muslims of different sects. This violence is consistent with Islam’s history.

AG Holder has now decreed that Federal Law Enforcement agents must not consider religion, national origin, gender or sexual orientation in their investigations. In other words, despite overwhelming evidence of who is actually committing crimes of terror; that evidence and those factual trends must be ignored by law enforcement. Investigating a terror event in the U.S.? Don’t you dare narrow it down to the people that commit over 90% of terror strikes! This is incomprehensible to all, with the exception of the Progressive left and Mr. Holder.

Islamic terrorists, just since 9/11, have carried out 22,260 terror attacks across the world. That’s about five a day, every day. That fact must be disregarded. It’s the Federal Government’s version of eliminating New York’s stop and frisk law. In 2013 alone there were 2,801 Jihad attacks, 16,710 dead and 29,432 critically injured as five different religions were attacked for no fault other that a variant point of faith or belonging to the wrong sect.

We know, specifically, that Mosques are hot beds of radical Islamic ideology and the call to Jihad, that fact must be ignored. We know that groups such as CAIR are central in support of radical ideology despite their claims of being a civil rights group, that fact must also be ignored. We know Islamic charities fund terror organizations, ignore it! We know Islamic schools in America motivate Jihad, we have the text books.

9/11, Muslim extremists, the 1993 WTC bombing extremists led by the Blind Sheik. Boston Marathon bombing same deal; the Millennium plot to blow up LAX, a radicalized Muslim; the DC sniper, a Muslim. The Fort Hood shooter, a Muslim; the Holy Land Foundation terror financing trial, all interconnected Muslim organizations.

Supporters of Mr. Holders dictate, roll out the Constitution selectively, as convenient justification. The Constitution in the hands of this Attorney General is somewhere between dust and a collective death wish. Dust when it gets in the way and a death wish when it comes to security. Whatever happened to “all enemies, foreign and domestic”?

The Muslim Brotherhoods strategy, written in 1987 and discovered during the investigation of the Holy Land Foundation trial laid it out simply. “We will use America’s values against her”. ( A key part of the strategy was the formation of coalitions. Who ever thought an American Attorney General would be part of that Islamist coalition???