Unintended Presidential Transparency

Disregarding outliers, Presidential approval is 41%. One might expect a President in that position might seek some common ground and softening of confrontational behaviors. One might expect him to come to the conclusion that more of the same is not good strategy.

Not this time!

The President will decide unilaterally, personally, what the law is and what the law is not. He will bring the full weight of the Federal bureaucracy to the fine point of ideologically driven directive. He will take full advantage of Congress’s inclination to delegate power to the bureaucracy.

He ‘has a pen’ and, he thinks, he knows how to use it; by doing so he will generate transparency of a sort. He will draw back the curtain and expose the true goals and methods that have grown out of Progressive thinking. The tyranny of elitism!

The argument can be made that absent President Carter then may not have been a President Reagan. That particular slice of history could be on the verge of repeating itself. Presidential efforts to deconstruct democratic process may accelerate a backlash against the American idea that no one man should hold too much power and that we are a nation of laws not men.

The foundation for abject rejection of the President is revealing itself. It’s in the approval numbers for independents and the young. It’s about rational, reasonable Democrats that share the unrest and see a danger more representative of the man than the party.

Some of us spend hours attempting to absorb the issues. Most of us simply don’t have the time, energy or inclination. Others, absent, a depth of attention are beginning to ‘feel’ it. How they ‘feel’ is real and cannot be ignored; the opposite need be the case. Those feelings are looking for a home. We must speak to those feelings; those instincts represent the onset of common sense.

Churchill famously said, “Americans always do the right thing ……………… after they’ve tried everything else.” From De Tocqueville to Churchill and beyond, amazement at the exceptional character of America was a given. Sometimes repressed, sometimes rampant there is a spirit that, so far, repressed or rampant was never absent. That spirit is the source of the unrest that will reject the manner of tyranny the President now promises.

A Progressive President stymied by Congress will expose the path to our very own version of soft tyranny. It is the opposite of what our founding and the path to our historic successes have been built on. Today’s momentum abandons and denigrates the proof of our collective success as the most powerfully benign nation in history. This view takes as its base 20/20 selective historical hindsight. It demands an intellectually disingenuous standard that holds history to today’s standards. On this basis Progressives make the case for America as evil even if, by comparison, we are amateurs at evil compared to other nations and other leaders throughout history, the worst of which were men and women of the Left. Do Americans, in majority, believe their country is evil as does their current Progressive leadership; that our days are behind us, that dependency and stagnation is the new normal for America? I believe the answer is no. The President and his pen will serve to support that growing view.