Fare Well Representative Wolf

In just over a year from now the Congress of the United States will say fair well to Representative Frank Wolf. We will all be the poorer for it.

I’ve enjoyed the unique opportunity to have spent time with Representative Wolf and his exceptional staff; I bestow upon him what is, for me, a rare perception of those in the body politic. He is a man of absolute integrity. There is no difference between what he says and what he does. There was no bending to the temporary winds of political trends and no hiding from his constituents. Did I have the occasional disagreement on policy; sure, but easily accepted as I knew they were invariably framed within the context of his integrity and because of that, easy to accept.

Purity tests were cast aside by Representative Wolf, in favor of independent thinking. The only purity test that applied to Frank Wolf was the one he held himself to. Were all of our political class to live up to Representative Wolf’s standards of commitment and integrity our body politic would look very much different than it does today, very much better.

His commitment to human rights was more than a cleverly crafted speech; he journeyed to the belly of the beast, mostly without fanfare. He did so year after year. His deeply held faith informed his commitment and clarified his path. Darfur, Tibet, enclaves of religious persecution; Representative Wolf was there, driven by conscience and a moral center that refused to give way to expedience.

Mr. Wolf, thank you for your service but more so for the examples you cast. You will be missed, you may be irreplaceable.