The Inevitability Of Unacceptability

The President has consistently gone with conventional political wisdom’ simplify, simplify, simplify; clean message, sound bites and applause lines. There is some significant body of evidence that argues that is the way to go in speaking to an American public with a serious attention span problem.

The President’s conundrum is that all of that was based on a demonstrable falsehood, a lie; and the fact that we know he knew it was a lie. People who accepted the sound bite, the applause line, as the limit of their intellectual commitment are in reality demonstrating confidence and trust that all of the technicalities and machinations behind the sound bite do not require they’re attention; that the President could be trusted to make a true representation of policy. That curtain has now been pulled away.

The President will continue to suffer the aftermath of his breach of trust, curiosity; curiosity that motivates questions in those who heretofore felt no need for such questions. There is also the tendency toward self flagellation by the disappointed; “what was I thinking?”

The President never met his uncle; wait, wait he did, he lived with him for a time. Why lie about that?? Lying about stuff you don’t have to lie about creates yet more momentum for the questions. Could it be that the President is an inveterate liar, what else is false, how much is false?

ObamaCare lies, NSA lies, IRS lies, and Benghazi lies. The President’s reliance on his personal likability is now proving that every sword has two edges. If the girl you dated twice throws you over, no big deal. If the love of your life throws you over it’s quite another story. That is the dynamic now in place as the young and some minorities begin to say ‘no mas’ to the President. Women are beginning to reject him in increasing numbers.

The critical mass was reached when the combination of the ObamaCare web site failures met the realities of the ObamaCare policy analysis that did not get a lot of attention until the web site failure. The demonized opposition ended up being correct about the impact of ObamaCare; a bitter pill to swallow for many and they look to the President as the source of that bitter pill. “You mean those nut jobs on the Right wing were actually correct? Just shoot me now!”

Narcissism describes it, arrogance describes it; the intoxication of power describes it. But, ‘it’, regardless of the soup of human failings that may apply to the President, has to lead to that singular political place that the Big Lie always leads to; the inevitability of unacceptability.