This Time He’s Right

ac•com•plish•ment: something done, achieved, or accomplished successfully

The President recently boasted that: “We have accomplished as much if not more than any time in our history.” This time the President is correct. While nearly impossible to list all of the President’s major accomplishments there are some that stand out.

He has accomplished the replacement of a significant amount of the legislative process with governance by regulation and Executive order. The President was against it before he was for it, ‘it’ being the ‘nuclear option’ in the Senate thereby allowing him to stack the DC circuit Court with the expectation that far reaching governance by regulation would be supported by the Circuit Court buying time in advance of the potential review by the Supremes.

The President has presided over the dismemberment of the Welfare reforms of the 1980’s resulting in the highest rate of American dependency in recent history. This dependency, accompanied by a stagnant, anti growth economy has contributed to the lowest labor participation rate in 40 years; quite the accomplishment Sir.

The President has accomplished the systematic removal of warriors from the senior ranks of our military replacing them with ‘political’ senior officers, some of whom believe the greatest threat facing the nation is not China, Russia, economic weakness or Islamic extremism; it’s, ….. wait for it ….. Climate Change!

The Left’s demand that carbon based energy sources be minimized and eliminated absent an effective plan for replacement has led to 25% of the Coal industry being killed off, with more to come as the EPA establishes standards that cannot be economically satisfied. The refusal to approve the Keystone Pipeline and constant failures of Green initiatives has been mitigated by fracking which is also a target of derision despite all evidence as to its safety and productivity.

The President has, potentially, accomplished the most significant degree of waste, fraud and abuse in history; Obama Phones, the Stimulus bill, welfare, cash for clunkers, hundreds of billions in Green failures.
Blatant political agendas have accompanied nearly all of the Presidents efforts; the GM bail out, for example, saw a highly disproportionate number of Republican owned dealerships closed. Green money was allocated with political orientation as the obvious predicate.

The President has accomplished his goal of minimizing America’s dominant role on the world stage. Allies upset include: Mexico, Britain, Germany, France, Brazil, Poland, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt to name a few. In all cases ‘typical’ American policy has been abrogated in favor of: Iraq, Iran, Russia and China; quite an accomplishment to have turned American Policy upside down to that extent in only five years.

He has accomplished immigration reform absent legislation; the application of the Dream Act by Presidential fiat in abrogation of standing law.

The President accomplished the overturning of the traditional basis for bankruptcy positioning relegating investors to the back of the line and unions moved to the front by way of the precedents of auto bailout.

He accomplished the most significant direct stimulus package since FDR with the least significant impact on the economy.

While castigating ‘too big to fail’ the largest banks continue to receive 85 billion a month in Fed stimulus while small regional and community banks are regulated out of existence.

He has accomplished more political fund raising than any President in history.

Mr. Obama is closing in on President Eisenhower as our ‘golfiest” President in history.

The President accomplished the passage of ObamaCare thereby putting the Federal Government in control of the largest percentage of the American economy in history.

He has managed to skirt and minimize three major scandals. Oops, sorry, phony scandals

He has authorized an unprecedented level of spying on American Citizens.

He has accomplished a long time aspiration of the Left by hanging Israel out to dry, while attempting to make common cause with Hamas, Hiz’bAllah, the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran.

He has made more public speeches than any President in history.

He has accomplished the demonization of opposition to a degree not seen since Nixon. The President has also set the record for publically attacking more segments of the American economy than any politician, let alone President in history.

He has created the most significant non elected political organizations ever.

He has made more excuses that any President in history and been ‘unaware’ of more major issues than any President in history. He has ‘discovered’ problems by way of reading the newspaper at a rate far in excess of any former President.

The President has designed economic policies that have perpetuated uncertainty and resulted in dramatic drops in capital spending thereby nearly guaranteeing that labor participation continues at current levels.

President Obama has managed to preside over the largest increase in poverty levels in recent memory.

Congratulations on your accomplishments President Obama.