Difficult Indeed!

In real life excuses, especially when offered on an ongoing basis, are viewed as weakness. Organizations outside of the political sphere look for people who ‘step up’, accept responsibility, deal with problems and improve. The political world is disconnected from that manner of accountability and the President has positioned himself as the excuser in chief.

The latest in a series of spin revisions and excuses aimed at justifying ObamaCare failures is the “difficult political climate”; so says the President. Surrogate commentators immediately engaged how difficult it is for the President to perform when the other party is constantly attacking the President’s efforts; really? The President speaks of Republicans as “invested in failure” when the actual failures belong to his administration. Flashback to the opposition that existed during the Bush administration; that should have served as a hint to the President that opposition is always with us; “if we’re doing the dirty to someone else that’s okay, when it’s being done to us it’s not!”

The “difficult political climate” is of the President’s own making. The “difficult political climate” is a function of approval polls, three of which have the President under 40% and suffering a nine point drop in just a month’s time. ObamaCare disapproval approaches 60%. The climate is a function of a majority of Americans not approving of ObamaCare since its passage, the President paid no heed. Now a combination of policy disagreement and incompetence has pushed significant majorities over the edge. The President’s support among women dropped 10 points in a month to 39%. In that same month support among men is at 34% and among independents it dropped from 41% to 29% in that same month’s time. Polling of Democrats only shows similar discontent; 84% say some change or repeal is in order. Difficult indeed!

The President has failed to pay even a bit of homage to the political benefit when some level of bipartisan involvement is present. A few tweaks related to the Stimulus Plan or ObamaCare might have gone a long way. The President is and was unable or unwilling to project the consequences of his actions, one of which was to solidify opposition.

Doctor No, Harry Reid is a nasty piece of work and has done the President’s bidding by effectively shutting the Republican opposition out of the process more often than not. It took the President 18 months to have even a conversation with the Republican leader in the Senate.

The President invited Paul Ryan to the front row for a speech and then called him out. He attacked the Supreme Court during the State of The Union as the Court sat in disbelief. When the Supremes found a way to enable ObamaCare a senior official tweeted; “its legal bitch” “difficult climate” indeed.

Opposition to the President’s policies cannot be accepted as honest disagreement, its racism. Racism has achieved the status of an automatic charge, a broad brushstroke indicting millions of Americans who do in fact have honest disagreements with the President’s policies not his skin color.

Each and every time the President has called for ‘civility’ it was followed by him attacking and demonizing opposition; usually within 48 hours.

The media willfully followed the President’s lead abandoning the energy they demonstrated in abundance during the Bush administration; critical reporting happening only when failure was impossible to ignore.

The administration has been scandal ridden and in each and every case the original ‘story’ changed based on the persistence of facts. Promises related to nearly all of the President’s legislative ‘victories’ were false: Dodd Frank, the stimulus, cash for clunkers and ObamaCare taking center stage. The climate is also a function of the President’s supporters, just today Leader Pelosi spoke to how Democrats “couldn’t be more thrilled” over ObamaCare. Wow, could a palace coup be far away, considering that the reports of Democrats with their hair on fire over ObamaCare are ongoing and growing as the latest promise of a November 30th web site functionality date will not happen. The fact is that ObamaCare promises and talking points were eagerly adopted by the leading lights in the Democratic Party when they knew them to be false. Not a one spoke up!

Difficult indeed!!