Pelosi, Gillibrand embarrassingly dig the hole deeper

As the Obamacare bus continues rolling out of the station, and over millions of Americans, Democrats continue either jumping ship or circling the wagons on the health care reform disaster.

On Sunday, Nancy Pelosi appeared on Meet the Press to explain her comment she uttered years ago about the need to “pass the law to see what’s in it.”

This is my favorite part of her non-answer:

However, I stand by what I said there. When people see what is in the bill, they will like it. And they will. And so, while there’s a lot of hoop-di-doo and ado about what’s happening now — very appropriate.

Let me paraphrase for Mrs. Pelosi: “Shut up and enjoy this amazing gift we have given you. You will thank and praise us once you realize how much you need us. Peasants.”

Next, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand also spoke Sunday sitting down on This Week with Martha Raddatz. Unfortunately, the former Clinton administration official, George Stephanopoulos, was not in on Sunday to toss the softballs.

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That’s good stuff, isn’t it? Did you catch that phrase in the middle there?

No, we all knew, the whole point of the plan is to cover things people need, like preventive care, birth control, pregnancy

We all knew? What did we all know, Senator? You didn’t seem to finish that thought and the corrupt, Democrat-cheer-leading host didn’t bother to follow up. Let me offer some possible ways to complete that sentence.

We all knew…

  1. ..that millions of people who currently like their plans would lose them.
  2. ..that the President was lying to voters.
  3. ..that Obamacare would create some “winners” and “losers” along the way.

I’m being generous with the third option, that’s the euphemism going around Democratic circles about “winners” (nobody) and “losers” (everybody).