Give Me A Hug

The President will talk directly to Organizing for Action (OFA) supporters on Monday.

One cannot be sure if this is a representation of the President’s narcissism, willful blindness or if the President simply needs to be cuddled by supporters. Talking to a shrinking supply of supporters is not going to move his agenda, will not improve his approval ratings or provide a measure of truth to three years of blatant deceit; It won’t get your plan back nor your Doctor back!

The talking points are already out there. Insurance companies cancelling policies is nothing new, ObamaCare is protection against sub-standard policies and if you just hang in there you’ll love it in a year or two.

The hole get’s deeper.

The delay of the employer mandate will expire in advance of the 2014 election; many, many more cancellation notices are pending, by some accounts, 50 million. The President is currently at just above a 41% approval rating (RCP). Quinnipiac polling shows that only 44% say the President is honest and trustworthy. The law itself (Gallup) is at a 40% approval and only 25% of Americans feel we’re moving in the right direction. These numbers carry a fairly simple message; the President is losing the middle of the political spectrum and is eroding support from the Left. John Dickerson in Slate Magazine phrases a significant part of the problem; “Credibility is not just about honesty. It’s about authority. Does the President really have command over the things he’s talking about?”

The ongoing effort to blame insurance companies for obeying the law will fail. Yes, it is true insurance companies did cancel policies in the past, they changed policies and they engaged in unacceptable behaviors. The difference simply is, these cancellations were mandated by a central government, by a law with no opposition support. We come to an ever greater appreciation that it was all by design in pursuit of wealth redistribution. But no one told the President “directly”; no one had to, he knew it and addressed it during his famous bipartisan meeting with Congressional leaders three years ago where he felt the need to remind John McCain who had won the election. It was an early indication of the hubris to come.

Even supporters of the law such as Dr. Emanuel, admit that ‘someone has to pay’; those someone’s being young voters that, we must surmise, were considered to be permanently intoxicated by Cool Aid beyond the point of noticing what was going on and what the costs would be. Also up on the redistribution effort is the Middle Class because they, apparently, have not been battered enough. The floggings will continue, as the saying goes. What choices we once had are gone, they’ve been made for us and when we realized it by way of a failed web site the jig was up.

OFA will do what they can, but what can they do? OFA is populated by two sets of folks; those who are committed to the Progressive ideology and those who want to keep track of those who are committed (no pun intended). OFA will preach to the choir, loudly. Past as prologue tells us they will approach support for the President with hair-on-fire overstatements, overreach, misinformation and, of course, fund raising which tends to give lie to the purity of the effort.

I’m not sure what OFA will do about the President’s admission that “the federal government has not been good at this stuff in the past.” Not sure how OFA will construct the talking points to brush away the fact that the administration was warned that they were on a path absent the expertise and management capabilities that could actually execute the intentions and specifics of the law. Those warnings came from supporters, not evil Republicans. Not sure what they will do about the fact that the only folks ready to handle implementation were the hated insurance companies.

“Ah, hell; group hug!!!!“