“I’m so sorry you lost your health care plans that I guaranteed you could keep; period! I’m so sorry you don’t see the big picture. I’m so sorry that you don’t realize that eventually you’re going to just love ObamaCare. I’m so sorry that you are all such a bunch of morons that you don’t see the wisdom of my policy.” “But what I’m really sorry about is that I have to say I’m sorry; kind of.”

“I’m so sorry that Cass Sunstein, my ‘regulatory tsar, hero of the Progressive Left, had to leave town.” Cass Sunstein, of the ‘nudge’ theory that calls for constant pressure and bits of small but consistent progress toward the Progressive Utopia. Mr. Sunstein is less concerned with the law than he is in the potential to advance the agenda by way of bureaucratic and regulatory ‘nudging’; law be damned the power is in the regulation. Mr. Sunstein oversaw much of the ObamaCare regulatory regime and the President knew, if not in detail, exactly the direction that Mr. Sunstein would take in guiding the regulations empowered by the ACA that would dismantle the insurance industry as we know it. It’s in his writings, he also believes that dogs and cats should be allowed to have lawyers and sue their owners. Totally mainstream kind of guy!

Chuck Todd was chosen as the media prop of the moment and carefully, oh so carefully, asked the President if he should apologize “even if you didn’t realize that you were ‘misleading’ people”. The apologetic set piece was then rolled out. It was rolled out in such a way that even the Washington Post did not buy it. The President was incomplete, insincere and incapable of absorbing the disaster in any terms other than political.

Mr. Todd, no doubt, under guidance from the administration, and under threat of being cut out of the imperial shadow, if he got too aggressive, failed to ask a couple of questions that should have been asked, they are being by nearly everyone outside of the MSM; “what did you know, when did you know it?” “In light of everything that has failed, why not give this another year to sort itself out?” “Mr. President you mentioned people not being forced into new plans but isn’t that exactly what this law demands?” “What happens when the year’s delay for the corporate mandate expires, will we see millions of those plans cancelled due to ACA regulations?”

Okay, I know, you’re not surprised, neither am I, just frustrated at the absence of truth telling and a flaccid media.

The President can’t afford to delay. If he does he guarantees that the timing of a major negative coincided with the 2014 elections potentially resulting in both houses being controlled by Republicans and the end of any further brilliant ideas he may have. If he holds his ground there is, at least, the chance that the web site gets fixed; not the policy just the web site. But that will just illuminate the rate increases for the Middle Class. Reports have it that Democratic Senators have been given ‘permission’ to attack the ACA. We are at a point where our Senators need Presidential permission to point out the obvious? What is also obvious is the absence of commitment overwhelmed by political considerations.

So sorry!