Keep Your Powder Dry

Gallup has the President suffering a continuing slide in his approval ratings, down to 40% with a number of other polls within two points of that with all of the trending the same, down, down, down.

As each day goes by, yet another headline demonstrating the utter failure that is, and will be ObamaCare. Estimates of the eventual number ofc lost policies under ObamaCare vary, from 15 million to 80 million by the Manhattan Institute to 129 million by, Christopher Conover a researcher at Duke University. If the Duke estimate is correct nearly 70 percent of all covered Americans are going to lose or have their health care plans replaced. With the plans that Congressional Democrats deemed ‘appropriate’.

The administration trotted out Dr. Ezekial Emanuel Sunday, one of its health care architects to argue for ObamaCare. Apparently being combative, interruptive, intimidating and generally unattractive runs in the family. The good Doctor looked like a desperate man, blaming corporations and insurance companies for…………wait for it…………. complying with the legislation. He did, however, speak the truth at one point saying that; “someone has to pay!” Attention Middle Class he was talking to you, you have to pay!

We now know that inside the administration the warnings were dire and specific. David Cutler was prophetic as he warned that due to poor leadership the implementation of ObamaCare could spin out of control. And yet the ‘keep it’ promise continued to roll on. The President, as is the case on so many issues, knew nothing, and did nothing; If only he would take a break and say nothing for a few days.

The Big Lie is collapsing; Republicans should let it do so.

Republicans and Conservatives do not need to say much about the ObamaCare situation. The dynamics are comprehensive enough absent the Washington waltz of flying to the nearest camera or microphone. Piling on is never attractive and at this point all that has to be said is that there are no Republican fingerprints on ObamaCare and that what is happening now is exactly what was feared and predicted.

Keep your powder dry ladies and gentlemen of the Congressional Republican caucus, the hole will continue to deepen without your participation.