Forget The Shutdown

The government shutdown will quickly fade from conscious consideration in light of what we have learned since the shutdown. Democrats, however, are a staunch bunch. They tend to hang in there, no matter the validity of the criticism coming their way. One can only hope the trend continues.

As the President continues to reside in a public dream world of his own creation, the peasants are reaching for their pitchforks. Approval ratings for the President have entered the low 40’s, his worse approval ratings in over two years. It is perhaps the case that excuses, blame and speeches just won’t turn the trick anymore as policy is exposed for what it is, as are rhetoric and honesty. The Big Lie has exploded. As your parents likely told you, a lie just leads to the need for more lies.

During yesterday’s Congressional hearings the Democrats were all on the same page blaming Republicans for not authorizing yet more money, sabotage they called it. Approaching a Billion dollars was simply not enough to get the job done. You may also have noticed that Democratic Congresspersons were all making their charges with eyes down, reading the talking points from they’re leadership or the White House; it looked like the Congressional version of the Stepford Wives!

Senate Democrats are coming to realized that they are about to be hoist on their own petard as they have been staunch supporters of ObamaCare …… till now; now, well, maybe, a delay is best; you know, till after the election; then we can set up the smoke and mirror machine again. Democrats, who rejected the idea of a delay in favor of a government shutdown, are now moving toward a delay; the President wants none of it. You can almost hear the campaign ads; dueling sound bites; against it before I was for it.

The peasants can’t throw their pitchforks at the President directly anymore, but Congressional elections could be raw, red meat for voters of all stripes. “I don’t care who the candidate is, it’s message delivery time” could be the theme of this year’s mid-term elections. Should that be the case, Democrats risk being sent home in numbers that exceed 2010, thus ending the reality of Barack Obama’s Presidency. There are no Republican fingerprints on ObamaCare.

Democratic leadership in Congress summoned the President’s Chief of Staff, those responsible for the web site roll out and for the fix. The resolution of the meeting was, according to the New York Times, that Chief of Staff McDonough promised that the President would ‘keep up the messaging war’ and “we’ll be back to you in three weeks.” Vice President Biden was deployed in an attempt to calm Democratic Freshman. And then, the first day statistics are revealed; six people, six were enrolled! Who else can they call on to smooth the waters; Bill oh Bill where art thou? Bill will only show up if it’s in Hillary’s interest and it may not be.

Democratic Governors who jumped on the ObamaCare bandwagon by way of Medicare expansion also have their concerns; they will be compared to states with Republican Governors and the differences will be stark!

The media is beginning to move. They simply could not ignore or justify the ObamaCare roll out. They could, however, and did, minimize it with air time committed to Presidential excuses they knew were weak. 60 Minutes reported on Benghazi a year too late, but the reporting generated an impact on people who had not followed the story or bought the President’s contention that it was a phony scandal, not the least of which was Chris Matthews. The IRS and Ms. Lerner gets more interesting this week as well with confirmation that she shared, illegally, IRS information with the FEC. Stop dancing with Lois Lerner, indict her!

But wait: that entire ‘al Qaeda is on the run’ theme is also a blatant Presidential falsehood. The President found himself agreeing with Al Maliki that in Iraq, al Qaeda is growing. That is also the case in Syria, Gaza, North Africa and Africa.

The Congressional Black Caucus is apoplectic over a $10 monthly cut to food stamp benefits; $10!! They’re not upset about fraud and abuse, just the $10! Millions of Americans have cut back, done without and done everything in their power to balance household budgets, I know I have. But the highly Progressive Black Caucus can’t handle $10. Wonder how the working Middle Class is going to feel about that?

The economy is not going to sprint to 5% growth. ObamaCare will continue to be the butt of jokes and genuine dissatisfaction in the Middle Class as realities set in. Unemployment will not improve. Even Jimmy Carter is criticizing the ObamaCare roll out; it just doesn’t get much worse than failing to satisfy Jimmy Carter’s standards of competence.

The shutdown and the reasons for it will fade from consideration quickly, the Democratic momentum from the shutdown is gone and the country is not ready for any more massive pieces of legislation including immigration amnesty. Presidential credibility sinks as each day goes by with the President scrambling for a new theme, a new speech, something, anything that will make everything all right.

While the President should not be underestimated, it is simply not going to work this time. Approval ratings on the economy show the President down 15 points, on foreign policy he’s down 13 points and down 8 overall. (RCP averages) The President is on the verge of generalized rejection; five of the ten RCP poll contributors have Presidential disapproval in double digits. Among independents the President’s approval rating is 36; independents are a growing segment of the political landscape and could foretell Democratic doom in 2014. Charlie Cooke points out that ideology takes a back seat to competence, his point being that competence cuts across ideological differences and is a fundamental expectation of a President.

Jimmy Carter thinks the President is a dope!