Reprise Of The Big Lie

ObamaCare, even absent an understanding of the fine details as it was passed, was not difficult to predict. Republicans and Conservatives warned what the results would be, they warned about consequences and the validity of government controlling such a large and critical part of people’s lives; they argued it was unmanageable. Conservatives did, despite the President’s contention otherwise, point out a wide variety of changes that would increase competition, address insurance company excesses and expand coverage at lower costs. A case can now easily be made that the fine details and regulatory empowerments were intended to create a smoke screen allowing the law to entrench itself in advance of the people understanding the fine details, implications and consequences. The Big Lie was required to sell this bit of Progressive chimera as has been the case throughout history.

The law was fraught with “the Secretary of HHS will determine” language. The result of which is what we see before us. The 30 hour full time work week was determined by the Secretary in the form of regulation; the negative impact of that one regulation has been immediate and obvious, there are thousands more. The threshold for voiding a plan was a $5.00 premium change. In other words the law was little more than the creation of an open field for regulations that have had, and will have disastrous implications.

The President engaged in a historically consistent tactic of the left; The Big Lie! The promise of what you could ‘keep,’ appears to off by only about 100 million Americans and we now know that the administration knew it. The Big Lie requires constant reinforcement and that’s what we got; the idea that repetition and applied narcissism is capable of altering the actual truth. The President is also consistent in terms of how he is dealing with being caught in ‘The Big Lie’. He’s blaming insurance companies for actually complying with the law. The President is blaming Republicans, who unanimously rejected the law, for not contributing to its success. You simply can’t make this up in a rational, logical world. The President, to all appearances, does not live in that world.

“But, but, but, these plans are better than what you had, you’re getting better coverage.” “You could have kept your insurance if it complied with ObamaCare standards; it’s the insurance companies. “ “We know better what’s good for you, than you do.” The Big Lie requires arrogance, of which, there has been no shortage. Your coverage is not the issue, never has been; ObamaCare is simply the latest in an effort to redistribute resources. However, this time it’s not the ‘rich’ the President is going after, it’s the working Middle Class. Leftists have always known that is where the real money is; memo to the Middle Class; you were warned!

On average if you have insurance for your family premiums will run about $20,000 a year. Deductibles have moved, typically, from $2,500 to $5,000. Simple math, you’re $25,000 out of pocket before the insurance even kicks in unless you’re subsidized, most of the Middle Class will not be subsidized. How many Middle Class families, in the Obama economy, can actually afford that, should something happen? The Obama economy has given you higher gas prices, higher food prices, the lowest degree of labor force participation in recent history and sluggish economic growth. One has to wonder if this will be the red line that finally causes the Middle Class to rebel.

The insurance companies that the President brought to the White House, in the ‘spirit of cooperation’ are being pillaged again. To the insurance company executives the only thing that can be said is; what in hell did you expect? The President’s ‘spirit of cooperation’ is simply to insure you guys are intimidated to the point where you keep your mouth shut. Will you?

All of this sounds conspiratorial, with evil intent; it is. But this conspiracy has been afoot since Teddy Roosevelt and his contemporaries. It is the most transparent conspiracy of all time, the intentions and the expected political benefits have been discussed amongst the Left for decades. The fact that they could not pull it off is evidence enough that it was seen for what it was and rejected.

Not us, we fell for it. We fell for The Big Lie!