Suspending Disbelief?

We know from Congressional hearings related to the IRS that senior IRS officials arrived at the White House, literally, hundreds of times. The reason for the visits, according to their testimony, was to discuss and prepare for the implementation of ObamaCare. They’re testimony was looked upon, by many, as more than a little too convenient considering the scope of their targeting scandal; let’s take them at their word for the moment.

These hundreds of visits would lead us to believe that the White House was all over ObamaCare issues, at least as it related to the IRS which was the back end of the process; enforcement as opposed to implementation.

We are also asked to believe that the White House generally and the President specifically had no idea that the web site was a disaster waiting to happen until after it happened according to Secretary Sibelius; IRS, hundreds of visits, web site development, complete surprise!! The White House was all over IRS accountabilities but had no clue as to the progress of the critical on line implementation platform for ObamaCare?

If you are unprepared to suspend disbelief, you are led down a small number of logical trails. The IRS was not there to discuss ObamaCare, or that the White House and the President were on top of the web site, and knew about the impending web site disaster; if so, the politics of the situation, in their view, outweighed the realities of what was to come. Oops! If the IRS was not there for ObamaCare, what were they there for? Buehler …anyone … Buehler?

We must accept the premise that the President’s overarching legislative achievement was simply a red headed step child that no one paid attention to; except we know they did, demanding changes to the site that inhibited the ability to beta test it, let alone get it right. We must believe that the White House was absent concerns about the implementation. When Mr. Carney was asked by Chuck Todd “who mislead the President”, there was no answer. There is never an answer when the clearly implied answer is ‘we screwed up, we’re hiding the truth or absent the ability to hide the truth, we lied’.

Long ago and far away, in the land of logical considerations and historical lessons, Barack Obama’s lack of experience in leading or managing anything was considered, by many, a red flag indicating what kind of administration we might experience aside from ideological issues. Now, with the exception of the MSM, we know!