Encouraging Our Enemies

The President claimed yesterday that for the past three weeks Conservative efforts to get the health care and financial nightmare under control “encouraged our enemies!” Persistently devoid of class, the President maintains his particular brand of negative mojo.

A brief review of encouragement for our enemies.

Missile defense in Eastern Europe, pulled out from under the Czechs and the Poles based on constant whining from the Russians with the additional guarantee of ‘more flexibility’ with Russia in the future.

The Turks dropped a dime on an Israeli intelligence operation in Iran. The President and his administration had nothing to say. No price to pay on the part of the Turks. Message delivered.

Syria; all of it!

The Cairo speech was the political equivalent of reaching down to pick up a bar of soap in the prison shower room.

The Israeli Prime Minister was snubbed on his first visit to President Obama’s White House.

The Taliban was not left out, the President announcing the date we would leave the field open to those kind and gentle folk who kill young girls who wish to learn to read. The Taliban’s response; “you have a watch, we have time.”

No ongoing supportive presence in Iraq has contributed to horrific violence as Islamists attack the regime.

Benghazi and its connections to Jihadists and Morsi’s administration is a phony scandal; no arrests!

Aid to Egypt is downgraded when exactly the opposite should be happening. The Brotherhood is ecstatic!

Iran’s nuclear program proceeds apace with the President clearly doing everything possible to slow down the possibility of Israeli action by agreeing to talks he should know will go nowhere.

Saudi Arabia, absent the bow, cannot figure out what U.S. policy actually is.

Edward Snowden, resettled in Russia, no price to pay for Russian intransigence or Russian face slaps.

Continual smack downs at the U.N. by Russia and China.

Support for the Muslim Brotherhood at home and abroad. The Brotherhood being the font from which spewed the voice of extremist Islam.

No attempt to get our most significant global advantage, our economy, straightened out.

Allowing sequester cuts to the military when a universe of other options were available.

Leading from behind!

No one stood up and said to Defense Department lawyers; “to hell with it; pay the death benefits, they can sue me later.” William Shakespeare offered us some advice; “first kill all the lawyers.”

There is a distinct absence of outrage or even comment as Islamists the world over attempt to eliminate Christians and Jews alike. Some of the worst atrocities occurred under President Morsi’s time as President of Egypt. You know, the guy we supported.