It’s The Messaging Stupid!

At some level it’s incomprehensible.

The Right Track/Wrong Track has 76% of Americans saying we’re on the Wrong Track, 15% say we’re on the Right Track. Presidential approval ratings are in the low 40’s. A consistent low 50’s majority don’t want ObamaCare. 60% say government intrusion has reached the red line. The U.S. standard of living index has reached a ten month low. Under/unemployment is at 25%, jobless claims continue to average over 350,000 a week. Only 25% of Americans believe that same party rule in the White House and Congress is a good idea, a ten year low. And, oh yes, nearly everyone hates Congress and up to 60% think a third party is the answer.

In speaking with a close friend the statement was made, in the context of the latest kerfuffle in Washington; “they (Tea Party Conservatives) are simply too extreme for me.” I asked a series of questions: do you like ObamaCare, are you concerned about spending, worried over the actual debt? The answer to all of the above was; yes I don’t like any of it: The next question was; who shares your concerns? Following a pause for consideration, a nod of the head signaled that the logic had been followed and perhaps a bit more consideration was in order. My friend is not an ideologue, far from it, moderate and thoughtful.

For Conservatives, facts must be the basis of the message and the American public must be confronted with the facts, the full scope of the facts. The deficit is not $17 trillion, its $70 trillion. There is no cash in the trust fund for Social Security, only IOU’s from Treasury, meaning more debt. They must also be made aware of the many, many proposals that have died political deaths, from Connie Mack’s penny plan that called for an annual 1% cut to essentially everything to Paul Ryan’s budget proposals. All of those proposals were based on dealing with the facts. They all got us to a point of stability over a 10 year period all dead in the water and all castigated as evil. The attempt to fix the problems is evil! To allow them to roll along until the cliff is reached, which it will be, is the height of moral superiority.

For Conservatives the messaging should be clear. “Strip away the rhetoric, the name calling and the vitriol and Conservatives are the only folks a majority of you actually agree with.” “Only we represent the attempt to take action on what we both agree are serious conditions and concerns.” “Democrats and establishment Republicans are not interested in taking real action based on polling and the temperature of the American people. Those who are responsible are much more comfortable blaming us. They are much more interested, to all appearances, in blood sport and the true opiate of politicians, power! It’s about power over your lives, your jobs, your health care, your telephone calls, your e-mail and your ability to support your families. Conservatives believe that power should reside with you!” What an extreme point of view.