Randomizing October 11, 2013

Is it just my imagination, or is Jay Carney beginning to sound a lot like Baghdad Bob? “There are no tanks in Baghdad, the Americans have been defeated!”

It is sad, troubling and more than a little tragic when with this morning’s headline is that politicians in Washington actually spoke with each other. They didn’t accomplish anything; they just spoke with each other.

Wow, $634,320,919 to build the ObamaCare web site. I could have provided a failed product for much less than that. “Call me!” Hell I know the people that could have built a successful web site for a LOT less than that. You probably do too.

The story of two Airmen’s bodies being returned from Vietnam after nearly 50 years as MIA’s is telling. They were refused a fly over at their Arlington National burial due to sequester cuts. That was not the end of the story. Retired military pilots provided their own fly over in vintage aircraft at a cost to them of nearly $30,000. Said one; “leaving no one behind is important to us as is honoring those who return”. A true sense of honor refused to bend a knee to petty politics. These men represent the best of us.

In Iran; ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss’.

Do the Rasmussen numbers look a little funny since they ran Scott Rasmussen out of town or is it just me? Rasmussen polling was never an outlier and now they appear to be approaching that status as the only poll with the President in black numbers

Rep Shelia Jackson Lee wants martial law to bring an end to the 17% shut down. It’s nice that we can count on Ms. Jackson to speak for the lunatic fringe. And Shelia, may I call you Shelia, the Park Rangers and Park Police are doing a fairly good impression of martial law right now. Just saying!

Had an opportunity to meet and speak with former Rep. Allan West this week. He is an exceptionally warm, approachable individual; he assures me the backlash is on the way.

I have finally resigned myself to the reality that no amount of evidence will derail the Global Warming, opps, Climate Change hysterics. The U.N. panel on climate did not consider the last 15 years of no warming as material to their considerations. The evidence does not move the ideology. It was never about the evidence to begin with, it was about wealth redistribution and proving that you people are the problem. You will be sent to your cave with no dinner!

Congratulations to those hundreds of you that have signed up for ObamaCare. We’ve only got 29,999,450 to go. The math says it will take years to get to you all, so here is your new bumper sticker; Pay the Fine, Get in Line.

Apparently no amount of IRS corruption is enough to generate anyone actually being held accountable. Breaking the law is certainly not enough. Sharing information out side of the system in not enough, targeting political opposition is not enough, stonewalling Congress is not enough. One has to wonder where the red line on this one might be?