Shutdown, Slowdown or Lowdown?

Okay, we’ve shut down 17% of the government, what have we learned?

We’ve learned that very few Federal employees are actually ‘essential’, in many cases, single digit percentages. We’ve also learned that government employees that should be ‘essential’ are not; reference here is to the national security infrastructure.

We’ve learned that while 17% is not a large number, all things considered, it is enough to inflict unnecessary pain on the innocent who actually pay for things to remain open.

We’ve learned that when the President speaks of fairness, his behavior gives lie to any true motivation on his part for that to be the case. If the President truly did have sensitivity for fairness what we see around us would not be happening.

We’ve learned that our President is a nasty piece of work when he doesn’t get his way. I’m not qualified to put my finger on exactly what his psychological problem may be but he clearly has one, or two, or five; or……oh well.

We’ve learned that the President could not fill a zip lock bag with his leadership skills; no offense to zip lock bags intended.

We’ve learned that America is not buying what the President is selling. The polling numbers are, no doubt, not what he expected. President Obama is no President Clinton and his lack of engagement is exposing him for what he is; lazy, mean and disconnected. Why else would you delegate non-negotiations to Harry Reid?

We’ve learned that despite all of the President’s talk of the economy; arbitrary, unnecessary shutdowns are having an unnecessary negative economic impact all over the country. Tourism and its related components are the largest industry in the country and the apparent center of the target for the Presidents “Pain Initiative”! Tourism is, by the way, where those low income workers the President claims to fight for actually work.

We’ve learned, as each day has gone by, that the President is not afraid of the blowback from the petty closures his administration has demanded. We’ve learned that he is perfectly willing to double down as each day brings reports of new closures. This day the target was New Hampshire at the height of ‘leaf peeping’ season.

We’ve learned that he just does not give a s_ _t! Even programs he wholeheartedly supports such as support for, Women Infants and Children (WIC) are unimportant in the President’s grand game of Chicken.

We’ve learned that defeating Republicans is more important to the President than anything. More important than: WIC, Head Start, Veterans, intelligence analysts, commissaries for military families, Amber alert websites and so on. But the amnesty rally on the national mall will go on absent the threats made to the other segments of the body politic. Nasty piece of work indeed

We’ve learned that common sense offers from the opposition is a failed effort. No funding of anything until there is funding for everything, which has actually been offered. Personally, I never understood the ‘nothing is better than something’ mentality; but I’m not a politician.

We’ve learned that Republicans are not truly committed to spending reductions either.

And finally we have learned, I hope, that Jefferson’s admonition that a government that can provide everything has the power to take it away will gain a new resonance, a new meaning and a new life in our political discourse.