You WILL Be Punished!

The sequester was conceived to be so onerous that Congress would fix it. Did not happen, life went on. It was an ill considered approach based on the simple fact that the politics of the situation overwhelmed any reasonable definition of common sense or compromise. But, the predictions of doom simply did not materialize; shame on you for not taking the full brunt of your spanking, crying ‘uncle’ and blaming Republicans; how dare you?

Ah, but the opportunity for more political corporal punishment is upon us, closing down everything from National Parks to tiny little playgrounds near the capital. Yes, yes we know it costs more to shut them down than it does to ignore them, but if we ignore them where’s the fun in that? Where’s the punishment? How would we vent our political sadomasochism?

The incomprehensible reports of closings continue. Scenic overlooks with no staff and no facilities are shut down, open air memorials, playgrounds, parking lots, portable toilets are being rounded up and sent away and bus turnarounds at Mount Vernon are being closed down. In Florida the administration will attempt to shut down the ocean. Military Chaplains, were they to attempt to pursue their duties voluntarily, have been threatened with arrest; arrest for exercising First Amendment protections! One can only hope that those arrests actually happen and that there is someone there to cover it. How is it that such professionally printed ‘shut down’ signs were available and distributed first thing in the morning on Day One? According to some reports the entire National Mall may be shut down, that’s going to take a lot of fencing. Live Update; the grass on the Mall continues to grow in defiance of the shut down order.

This is nasty, petty, small ball by a frustrated administration and its supporters in Congress. But that petty BS is okay, because there is a political battle to be won; the plan is to win it by punishing you, once again. The political battle is to convince you that it’s all about the Tea Party, or Ted Cruz. The political battle is because Democrats fear the Tea Party and the grassroots motivation they can bring to bear in 2014. The political battle is about not having ObamaCare as a 2014 election issue because it’s a loser. The political battle is to hold the line until the ObamaCare subsidies kick in as the next level of ‘crack’ for the masses. The battle is to convince you, despite your knowledge to the contrary, that once a law is passed it should not be revisited, although it has been; not by those evil Tea Party folks but by the President himself. If law cannot be revisited and amended we would still have the exact same civil rights issues we had in the 1950’s.

Temper tantrums overwhelm logic. The last material offer was full government funding for a year’s delay in ObamaCare. Denied! The administration would rather defend a system that is clearly not working, is opposed by a majority of Americans and is clearly ill prepared for what it was designed to do despite three years to get it right. You will be punished!

America is beginning to see, finally, what’s in the bill. Not as a philosophical argument but as it affects individuals; they hate it! The shutdown can’t hold a candle to the punishment contained in the fact that, for many, premiums double and triple, high deductibles prevail; despite Lady Gaga and a host of low information pop star’s insistence that young people sign up, they are not doing so.

Young people may be on the verge of getting hip to the fact that in addition to paying social security that they may never see and Medicare that they may never use they are also expected to enroll in ObamaCare so that they can round out their societal commitment by paying outrageous insurance rates for care they may never use. The young may also figure out that they are expected to pay the health care freight for an aging population; this, in the context of so many of them being under or unemployed. The ObamaCare insistence that young people remain on their parent’s plans till age 26 will also inhibit young people signing up for ObamaCare. Wonder if anyone considered the impact of that provision?

By the way my young friends, forget the $95.00 fine, its $95.00 or 2% of your income whichever is greater. If you make $10,000 a year, that 2% is double the $95.00. So, forget the $95.00 and focus on the 2%. If you work 40 hours a week at the minimum wage your fine for not signing up is $302.00; more that what you make in a week, assuming you can actually get 40 hours!

You will be punished!