Ah Yes, As Predicted

The Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos this morning; a classic by any informed standard.

First up, what has to be negotiated? Surprise my friends; its U.S. policy that is a key issue in the negotiations, not the Iranian nuclear program. The translation for that is that Iran will look for apologies before engaging their own behavior. It’s the history of U.S. involvement in the region that must be negotiated. It’s the fact that the U.S. supported Iranian nuclear capability; in the early 1950’s under the Atoms for Peace program of President Eisenhower. And, of course, for those of you keeping score at home it’s the Palestinians and they’re treatment by Israel. Mr. Zarif, if you ignore the facts, is smooth, persuasive. It is of course not difficult to be persuasive if you simply represent a reality that does not exist in the interest of the Fairy Tale. Taqqiya, in Islam, is justification for lying to the Infidel, of which Mr. S. is one.

Oh, but the Fairy Tale had a couple of stumbling blocks. Mr. Stephanopoulos questioned the Foreign Minister on the Holocaust; the Minister did not dismiss it out of hand, quickly attaching it to ‘any loss of innocent life’. Mr. S. then put up on screen an active page from the Supreme Leader’s web page that, in English, called the Holocaust a ‘myth’. How could this be? Mr. Zarif said that it must have been a bad translation. If that’s the case, we have decades of bad translations to fix up and it is safe to say that bad translations do not account for eight years of Mr. Ahmadinejad.

Mr. Zarif, as expected, projected the new ‘moderation’ of the Iranian elite, who, by the way, are the same elite that supported all of Iran’s sins over the past decades.

Mr. Zarif denied any intention to produce a weapon. The IAEA says differently and has over the past few months expressed significant concerns over weaponization.

Let’s take a quick trip in the time machine that finds us in April of 2008. At that time the IAEA, based on intelligence contained on a laptop, provided to them by the U.S. by way of the MEK carried definitive evidence of the interest in weaponization. The IAEA released information related to trajectory studies intended to examine the optimum characteristics for a nuclear explosion. There was also specific documentation provided that was only germane if you were trying to produce a nuclear device. There was, in 2008, specific evidence that the Iranians were working on nuclear warhead development. Additionally, schematic layouts of the inner core of a re-entry vehicle were identified; that would be the bomb part. These schematics are exactly the same as Pakistani documentation related to their nuclear weapons; remember A.Q. Khan? A.Q. Khan has long been suspected of involvement in the early stages of Iranian nuclear development. Mr. Khan did not build power plants, he built bombs.

In 2008 The IAEA questioned a number of critical issues among them the connections of the military to the ‘peaceful’ program, failure to implement prior agreements, the need for high explosives testing, missile development clearly aimed at delivering a nuclear weapon, underground testing.

There were many more questions, critical questions related to why the Iranians possessed analysis of Exploding Bridgewire Detonator test results? This is the technology that insures that all portions of the implosion ring necessary to detonate a nuclear device explode at the exact same time. Documents related to high explosive geometry were found, this manner of analysis could have only one purpose, a weapon.

Mr. Zarif is a charmer, the diplomatic equivalent of a Gigolo. The Gigolo always takes what you have leaving you with little more than an empty feeling if you’re lucky, self loathing if you’re not.