Talking To Tehran

The President has directed Mr. Kerry to open talks with Iran. The President wants to exhaust all possible diplomatic options. Mr. President, trust me, the diplomatic options are already staggering around in a fit of exhaustion.

No sooner had the ‘historic’ meeting between Mr. Kerry and his Iranian counterpart occurred than Iran declared victory and issued demands. No wonder the diplomatic options are downright somnambulant.

In addressing the American President, state controlled media and senior advisors to Ayatollah Khamenei had a lot to say: (some paraphrase here)

Iran’s “power and resistance” forced President to kowtow to Tehran.

“Iran has strong armed the Obama administration into accepting its (Iran’s) nuclear rights.”

“President Obama’s speech at the U.N. signals U.S. acceptance of Iran as a world power.”

“The U.S. has reached the conclusion that they can’t challenge a powerful Iran.”

“Tehran will maintain its stance vis a vis the U.S.”

And the demands:

“Remove the economic sanctions”

“Desist from continued obstinacy against Iran and don’t follow the Zionist lobby.”

In keeping with Iranian dissembling, a leader in Iran’s Parliament, Mr. Adel, had this to say; “ “President Rowhani persists in restoring Iran’s nuclear rights and may not give up even an iota of the Iranian nation’s rights despite his public rhetoric of reconciliation.“ This would be consistent with Mr. Rowhani’s prior braggadocio about how he duped the Europeans and the nuclear program progressed as planned.

Perhaps yesterday’s meeting was not quite so ‘historic’ as some media outlets would have us believe. Having followed this for a decade, this is simply more of the same. This is the Iranian’s strategy that reacts to things getting a little tense by putting out a ‘message’ or a ‘feeler’ indicating yet another willingness to engage. The ‘message’ always leads the West to believe that another round of talks, negotiations, engagements and dialogue will turn the trick; that the decades long Iranian effort will magically come to a stop. It never has and we never learn!

We should talk to the Iranians; we should tell them that time is up. We should tell them that it’s time to come clean. We should reinforce long standing policy that an Iranian bomb is unacceptable. We should tell them that we will continue to do what we can do unilaterally to increase the impact of the sanctions. We should demand that they abandon funding for terrorism, that their presence in Central and South America is unacceptable. We should tell them that terror attacks on the U.S. or U.S. interests from Iranian surrogates will be considered an attack by Iran on the United States. That manner of ‘engagement’ is the only one that stands any potential for results.