Standing On Principal

I spent more hours than I would care to admit, watching Senator Cruz engage in his non filibuster, filibuster. Yes, yes the technical ins and outs are stacked against him, the numbers don’t work and it seems, as he points out, Republicans are more interested in fighting each other than they are in fighting bad policy. Did he work himself into a box, maybe? So what?

If indeed we’re looking for leaders willing to take a principled stand, against the odds and willing to carefully justify their position, where else are you planning to find it? You can’t find it within the cadre of establishment Republicans, can’t find it with the RINO’s, can’t find it in long entrenched members of Congress who’s overriding priority is to remain long entrenched members of Congress.

Senator Cruz was attempting to get Senate Republicans to stand up. He was attempting to embarrass them into doing what they already know they should do. He asked them to stand against closure because to fail to do so was nothing more than the creation of political cover that would allow them to vote against the bill once the closure issue guaranteed that their vote against the bill was meaningless.

Senator Cruz did more than oppose ObamaCare; he exposed the process by which the gutless position themselves to appear to actually have guts. “Yes, I voted against the bill, I stood up”, but the reality is that voting for closure guarantees that Leader Reid gets his way. Voting for closure translates into Leader Reid being a one man rules committee. Voting for closure insures that ObamaCare funding remains the mandate it is and back we go to the House for another round of legislative ping pong. That ‘other round’ will likely devolve into a fight over delay, not defunding. I could live with that as it makes ObamaCare funding a 2014 campaign issue. Democrats do not want to face yet another election where ObamaCare is an issue; they know it’s a loser for them. They know it’s a loser because the facts on the ground, the incompetence of the role out and the impact on the economy will only get worse.

Leader Reid, perhaps mistakenly, has told us the truth. ObamaCare and by extension its eventual collapse will lead to what he really wants; single payer socialized health care. Some pundits, such as the much esteemed Mr. Krauthammer argue, as do others “let it die of its own weight”. The question for Mr. Krauthammer is how much suffering will be endured until that day comes? The question is, by the time we get to the point of collapse, will there still be a private insurance industry?

Hang in there Senator Cruz; continue to stand on your principals. Continue to stand to the podium; continue to demonstrate resolve in the face of derision.