The Bromance Is Over

Over the past month the Military led government in Egypt has put an end to the ‘Bromance’ with the Muslim Brotherhood: arrests, court decisions and now taking possession of their assets.

It has been, over time, unusual that the Brotherhood should so dramatically miscalculate their strategic position both in terms of Egypt and the greater Middle East. The Brotherhood has been considered by many in the Middle East as the ‘A’ team for Islamist strategic thinking.

As the ‘Arab Spring’ unfolded, there were strong indications that the Brotherhood in Egypt would not attempt to take power. The smart money held that the Brotherhood would step back, allow others to take the election and the fall for a failing economy and then ride in on a white camel to save the day. The lure of power was, apparently, overwhelming for the much suppressed, heretofore patient Brotherhood

Egypt has a history of finding themselves in a position to suppress the Brotherhood, in some cases violently. Egyptian strong men going back to Gamal Nasser found it necessary to bring the Brotherhood to heel. This was also the case in Syria under Hafez al Assad. The Brotherhood, opted for careful ly calculated public postures in Egypt as they expanded their influence globally. The influence was not bound by the geography of the Middle East. Influence grew in Europe, Africa and the Americas, a careful strategy of nudging their way to social and political influence, well out of balance to their numbers. The most fundamental tactic was to use freedoms and sensitivities against the target countries of which we here in the U.S. were the ‘big prize’!

Charges of Islamophobia now run neck and neck with charges of racism. Brotherhood sponsored groups are self described ‘civil rights’ organizations. All criticism of these groups is met with the charge of Islamophobia, no matter the evidence of validity. The critical application of tactics follows classic leftist strategies with the media and the educational system being the critical basis for the expansion of influence and acceptance for a dogma foreign to American values.

Egypt has firmly and without hesitation dismantled the Brotherhood’s influence, rejecting their legitimacy. We would be wise to take what they’ve done seriously and actively engage the alphabet soup of Brotherhood creations here at home.