Pivot Man

The President will, according to reports, pivot to the economy this week. The President, no doubt, wants to get this messy Foreign Policy thing on the back burner.

The President will pivot to the economy for, reportedly, the 20th time since being elected President. It’s one of those many things he goes to bed with each night as his last thought.

But, if you’ve already done the pivot 19 times before, we just might be justified in thinking that those prior 19 times did not actually accomplish anything, thus requiring the 20th pivot. Add to that the statistical integrity of the TLODRDTTMDS calculus (The Law Of Diminishing Returns Due To Too Many Damn Speeches) and it is entirely possible that whatever the President’s latest pronouncements will be could just make matters worse by, once again, not being what it is. You know, like the Red Line!

But the President may have found a diamond in the slag pile that is Syria. I can almost hear it now. “It’s not my economy; it’s the World’s economy.” After all, excuses and deflection are a consistent theme for the President. He has consistently avoided responsibility for, well, nearly everything, or so he apparently thinks as he continues to fly in the face of the TLODRDTTMDS calculus. The President’s RCP approval rating is down to 43.5%, among registered voters its 42.5%, Reuters has you at 39 and you are near your two year low.

The public may be, could be, might be on the verge of waking up; the pretzel logic in Syria was on display for all to see; as it unfolded, the President’s numbers took a tumble. The Presidents surrogates are doing their best to create the perception that the President got what he wanted; limitations on chemical weapons. But the spin is being seen for what it is, that was not the President’s initial goal, he wanted Assad gone. The administration’s ineptitude has now nearly guaranteed that Assad will remain in power. As for the weapons, an anti Syrian Lebanese newspaper reports 20 trucks loaded with chemical weapons related materials crossed the border from Syria into Iraq last week; you know, Iraq, where they came from in the first place. There is no way to get Assad’s chemical stockpiles ‘taken care of’ by mid 2014, its simply impossible and everyone involved in the negotiations, including the President knows it.

No doubt the President will do nearly anything to take the heat off; problem is with foreign policy that a lack of resolution guarantees that the heat will come back on.
It’s not Syria that has created a crisis of American credibility; it’s the entirety of the past four years: cancelling the Eastern European missile defense, the President putting himself in a position to be taken to school by the Israeli Prime Minister, the lack of foresight and resolve in Egypt, Libya and Syria. It was support for the Muslim Brotherhood. It was promising arms to the Syrian rebels that never arrived and yet to be fully explored the President’s Saudi connections.

The President’s friends aren’t helping much either. The New York Times publishing of Vlad’s op-ed absent a counterpoint commentary is a signal. Union unrest over the ObamaCare legislation they worked so hard to pass, Democrats in the House standing up against a Syrian incursion. The castigation of the President by Maureen Dowd continues apace. It’s been a bad couple of weeks for the President and yet he seems unable to accept the premise that weakness is and always has been an invitation to confrontation although I’m sure the letter to the new Iranian President is strongly worded!

The answer? Pivot to the economy. It is highly unlikely that the President will have anything new to say on the economy, except to find new ways to convince us that all is well when we know it’s not. He will fail to address those things that might actually help revive it; a year delay in ObamaCare, the Keystone Pipeline, and repatriation of oversees funds, regulatory relaxation and entitlement reform.