Hollow Shell?

One hardly knows what to say anymore, how to express frustration and concern. The search for new words, phrases or points of analysis to describe the President and his mind set becomes an ongoing frustration.

As today’s tragedy unfolds and in the context of this President one recalls President Reagan’s words after the Challenger disaster or President Bush at the National Cathedral after 9/11 or even President Clinton feeling our pain. The instinct to heal and connect clearly dominated these men’s thinking and their emotional response; they acted as leaders should; outside of themselves.

But this President, after the mandatory, unfeeling bromides believes that his best move is to attack Republicans on the economy as the situation at the Navy Base is still unfolding. Who does that? Who believes that attacking opposition in a time of crisis befits the mantle of leadership. What manner of man proceeds in the, apparent, belief that an attack dog political speech transcends the human tragedy unfolding just a few miles away?

Is this man, in reality, little more than a hollow shell, devoid of basic human empathy as people fight for life and engage potential danger on the other side of town? Political disagreement aside; who is this man?